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AACTE’s ‘Combating Racism is Educator Preparation Series’ Offered to Informal Affinity Groups

Growing and Sustaining White Racial Justice Allyship in Education

You are invited to register for the upcoming BIPOC affinity webinar and White Racial Justice affinity webinar offered as part of the “AACTE Racism is Educator Preparation” series.

AACTE’s “Combating Racism is Educator Preparation Series’ began in 2021 with three specific objectives for our membership, audience, and the field at large:

  1. Contextualize the role of racism in structural oppression and how the education system at large maintains and promulgates these oppressive systems.
  2. Engage with you, our audience, to understand you and your organization’s understanding and capacity to address racism using antiracist, abolitionist, inclusive, and intersectional policies.
  3. Normalize and humanize critical conversations around racism within the field that will lead to collaborative action around structural oppression in education.

In response to the incredibly high attendance and engagement to these webinars so far, we want to take what we have learned and to make this series more accessible and actionable. To that end, AACTE has worked with some of our most experienced members to help drive the remainder of the series and future professional development for the field on this topic that comes from it. The Four Themes you can expect to see webinars on throughout 2021 include the following:

  1. Identity & Mental Health
  2. Legislating Oppression
  3. Leadership 
  4. Intersectionality

In order to meet everyone where they are, we will begin instituting informal affinity groups for webinars where appropriate.  Affinity groups are not meant to be exclusionary, but instead, can be thought of as breakout groups educators can use to teach before coming back together to share and collaborate on all we learn. The objectives for every webinar will be the same, however, the conversation and background information will be curated for informal affinity groups when deemed best for our collective goals to address racism in education preparation. We are beginning with two affinity groups, White Racial Justice and BIPOC (Back, Indigenous, and People of Color).  We are choosing to use the term BIPOC for this informal affinity series in an effort to be inclusive, however, in understanding how being placed under an amalgam can dehumanize many people of color, we welcome your feedback and resources to inform our work and share with our membership. 

The next webinar for a White Racial Justice Affinity Group is under the theme, Identity and Mental Health:

Growing and Sustaining White Racial Justice Allyship in Education

July 14 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Register Today.

The next webinar for a BIPOC Affinity Group is under the theme Identity & Mental Health:

Justice and Joy
July 20 at 2:00 p.m. ET (Rescheduled; you do not need to re-register if you have already done so.)  Register Today



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