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New Guide Seeks to Help Districts Keep Their Principal Pipelines Up and Running

The Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center for School Leadership has released a new Principal Sustainability Guide. The guide, developed by Policy Studies Associates (PSA), explains what it takes to sustain an effective principal pipeline and provides districts with tools to assess the strength of their pipelines and sustain their efforts for long-term benefits. Partnerships are one of the six key elements for sustainability outlined in the guide.

Last year, AACTE covered the partnership dynamics between principal preparation programs and districts throughout its University Principal Preparation Initiative Podcast. The podcast sheds light on how programs can work with districts to ensure high-quality principal preparation responsive to the district’s needs. The Principal Sustainability Guide dives into high-quality preservice principal preparation and the six other domains comprising a comprehensive, aligned principal pipeline strategy. AACTE encourages members to explore and share the guide with your district and community partners. AACTE and the Wallace Knowledge Center for School Leadership have a wealth of resources for preparation programs that cover various topics beyond district partnerships.

If you are interested in working with AACTE’s Topical Action Group for Principal Preparation and Support, please contact me at

A New Opportunity for Candidates to Observe Classrooms with ATLAS

As faculty return to campus to prepare for the year, we know a major part of that is planning robust classroom observation experiences for candidates. ATLAS (Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools®) is a video library that provides video cases and analysis tools of accomplished teaching practices indexed to common teaching and learning frameworks across various classroom settings. Observations with ATLAS are made even more valuable because they include insights into behind-the-scenes instructional decision-making. 

Having worked with NBTPS to elevate ATLAS as a tool during the pandemic and seeing how member institutions like Eastern Michigan University and Kansas State University continue to integrate the platform to enhance their programs, AACTE is excited to offer a discount for this tool through the end of the year. AACTE has partnered with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Inc. (‘NBPTS’ or ‘The National Board’) to offer individual and institutional access to ATLAS at a reduced cost for AACTE members who are new subscribers.

Funding Available for Holmes Doctoral Students in Early Childhood and Special Education

Last month, AACTE announced its new partnership with the Early Childhood Intervention Personnel Center on Equity (ECIPC-E), a national center federally funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs to assist states in building comprehensive systems of personnel development to improve outcomes for infants and young children with disabilities and their families. 

As part of this partnership, AACTE will recruit, mentor, and support a cohort of 12 Holmes scholars in early childhood special education doctoral degree programs.

Resources and Action Alerts for Education and School LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Pride month is more than a celebration; it’s an opportunity to reignite the fight for equality within the LGBTQ+ community and other historically marginalized communities in allyship with all those who believe that our P-20 schools should be safe and inclusive spaces for all youth. As Pride Month comes to a close, AACTE is sharing its updated toolkit, Resources to Support LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Ed Prep and P-20 Schools, which can be found on AACTE’s Racial and Social Justice Hub.

AACTE Celebrates Juneteenth

On June 19, 1865, the emancipation of enslaved Black people in the United States was realized when Union troops arrived in Galveston Bay, Texas, to enforce the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation for these citizens. The newly freed people called this day “Juneteenth.” Also known as Emancipation Day,  Juneteenth is the commemorations of Black and African American people in the United States seizing their freedom that was denied to them despite their contributions to the growth of the nation’s economy and culture. While organizations around the country, including AACTE, will close their offices to give time to celebrate, reflect, and appreciate this history, more than half of the states in the country have introduced or passed legislation to prohibit teaching about structural racism, and you cannot fully teach and appreciate Juneteenth without acknowledging structural racism.

AACTE Partners with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards®

Opportunities to observe and analyze a variety of educators employing evidenced-based practices is a critical component of quality educator preparation. Those opportunities are made even more valuable when they include insights into behind-the-scenes instructional decision making.  That is why AACTE is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Inc. (‘NBPTS’ or ‘The National Board’) to offer individual and institutional access to ATLAS (Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools) at a reduced cost for new subscribers. ATLAS is a video library that provides video cases and analysis tools of accomplished teaching practices indexed to common teaching and learning frameworks across various classroom settings.  

AACTE has already provided webinar resources (Part 1 and Part 2) on how to use ATLAS as a tool and framework for using video resources in teacher preparation, and now AACTE is excited to offer you this tool at a reduced cost for those who register for a new subscription before the end of the year! AACTE members who sign up for a new ATLAS subscription before the end of 2023 will receive a 20% discount on institutional or individual subscriptions. Both institutional and individual subscription options are available for both one- and three-year terms, and those selecting a three-year term will be eligible for the 20% discount.

AACTE Celebrates Jewish American Heritage

May is Jewish American Heritage Month. AACTE joins the nation in celebrating the values, culture, and contributions of Jewish people by encouraging all educators to think broadly and critically about how to teach the diverse and complex history and experience of Jewish people. This is more critical than ever, as noted by Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon in Dear Colleague Letter issued in conjunction with the Biden-Harris administration’s national strategy to counter antisemitism; in which Lhamon reminds us of the nationwide rise in reports of antisemitic harassment, including in schools.

Celebrating Military Appreciation Month through Access to Educator Preparation

Since its designation by Congress in 1999, National Military Appreciation Month in May, is the nation’s opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of servicemembers and their families. Part of honoring that service is to ensure active and veteran military have access to educator preparation for those seeking to be teachers or administrators in the nation’s PK–12 schools.

Covering Politics, Policy and School Leadership at Upcoming Washington Week

A Q&A with Paul Katnik

AACTE’s 2023 Washington Week, June 4-7, is a legislative conference designed to enhance member advocacy skills, including Congressional visits while promoting policies to support educator preparation programs. Regarding academic censorship legislation, school leaders are at the intersection of the implications of proposed or passed legislation and how they affect student’s learning and the mental well-being of everyone working within our nation’s P-20 institutions. In a Wallace Foundation report by lead author Linda-Darling HammondDeveloping Effective Principals: What Kind of Learning Matters, the research tells us that for school leaders to serve their primary objective, to serve and be inclusive of all students, they must be provided quality principal preparation programs that are equity-oriented. How can our school leaders meet their objective if policies are explicitly, or through an induced chilling climate, preventing them from even discussing how to teach diverse learners and the history and context in which diverse students live?

Educator preparation professionals are invited to join AACTE’s premier advocacy event to exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues and leaders and advocate for positive change in educational policies. Take a look at the full schedule of sessions and register by May 31 to save your spot.

AACTE Celebrates Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In May, AACTE joins together with cultural institutions, school districts, municipalities, state legislatures, public servants, and non-profit organizations around the country to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of the Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Heritage (AANHPI) community and recommit to the work of making sure that all people have the opportunity to be a part of the nation’s exceptional and equitable education system. AACTE encourage members to share the history, culture, and achievements of those who identify as AANHPI in their classrooms and on their campuses in observance of AANHPI Heritage Month.

AACTE Celebrates National Arab American Heritage Month

This month, AACTE joins together with cultural institutions, school districts, municipalities, state legislatures, public servants, and non-profit organizations around the country to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of Arab Americans to our nation. As part of National Arab American Heritage Month this April. AACTE recommits to the work of making sure that all people have the opportunity to be a part of an exceptional and equitable education system as part of the American dream. AACTE encourages its members to share the history, culture, and achievements of Arab Americans in their classrooms and on their campuses during the month of April, such as the Arab American National Museum offers Educator Resources for free.  

As part of its strategic plan to increase access and opportunities for diverse voices in educator preparation programs, AACTE will set up a database where members — faculty and teacher candidates — can post their research and publications to be cited by the field. If you identify as Arab or Arab American, you are encouraged to share your educator preparation research with your peers.  This form also provides you with an opportunity to create a profile so that people can learn more about your research interests and other works. 

Please take a moment to fill out the AACTE Cited Research Database Form or send it to your Arab/Arab American colleagues who may want to take advantage of the opportunity to highlight their work on AACTE’s website. 

AACTE Honors International Transgender Day of Visibility

According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, there are over 1.6 million trans youth (13+) and adults across the United States. With new language and increased social acceptance to explore gender identity, the number of students identifying as transgender, non-binary, or any other gender non-conforming identity continues to rise. AACTE celebrates educators, policymakers, communities, and advocates that are doing the work to ensure transgender youth have the inclusive spaces and access to equal rights they deserve. In honor of International Transgender Day on March 31, AACTE encourages P-20 educators to do the work of learning how to support the identities of trans students and teachers, a sentiment shared by many of our members.

Celebrate Black History Month at Annual Meeting Sessions Dedicated to Supporting Black Educators

Join AACTE as we celebrate Black History Month. This year, AACTE’s 75th Annual Meeting falls in February, the theme of which is Innovation through Inspiration: Remembering the Past to Revolutionize the Future; and how could we revolutionize the future of education and education and education preparation to ensure all learners receive a high-quality, equitable education without Black educators? AACTE is excited to offer programming throughout Annual Meeting and its preconference events, February 23 – 26, dedicated to supporting Black Educators and the representation of Black history and perspectives and curriculum and educator preparation policy and practice. 

Register your Institution as an Exhibitor at the Holmes Career Fair

“AACTE meets the challenges of the 21st century through hosting career fairs that endeavors to diversify the post-secondary faculty pipeline. The outcomes of their efforts speak for themselves,” said Amanda Wilkerson, University of Central Florida, Holmes Program Alumna. “Through the Holmes Scholars program and innovative professional development training, I was able to showcase my research skills that ultimately led to acquiring a tenure-track academic role at a Research 1 Institution.”

Perhaps your institution is looking to connect with or recruit diverse faculty like Amanda Wilkerson. You need to look no further than the Holmes Program, which supports students who self-identify as racially and ethnically diverse and are pursuing graduate degrees in education at AACTE member institutions.

Take a Deep Dive at #AACTE23

At this year’s 75th Annual Meeting, AACTE is featuring several Deeper Dive sessions that cover topics most relevant to you, including a closer look and celebration of the JTE Article of the Year, a conversation on how apprenticeships can address the shortages, and many more.  These sessions were curated to reflect the association’s top strategic priorities: to build and sustain high-quality preparation and pipeline of teachers, expand policies that diversify the field, and advance the educator preparation field through innovative research, practices, and advocacy.

To attend AACTE Deeper Dive sessions and more cutting-edge content at the 2023 Annual Meeting, be sure to register for the 3-day conference before February 17.