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Learn How Teacher Educators Are Advancing Diversity in Teacher Workforce

Please join AACTE November 17 for a free webinar highlighting three AACTE member and partner initiatives that are developing strategies and action to increase diversity in the teaching workforce.

A recent report by the Albert Shanker Institute, The State of Teacher Diversity in American Education, identifies teacher diversity in our nation’s schools as “an educational civil right for students” that is not adequately represented in the current educator workforce. In AACTE’s webinar, “Advancing Diversity in the Teaching Workforce: Three Initiatives Working Toward Solutions,” participants in three initiatives will “tell the story” of their work, providing the background for their initiative, the key issues and challenges they are addressing, and the progress they have made to identify solutions.

Tune in Tuesday, November 17, 2:00–3:00 p.m. EST, to hear from the following presenters and discuss their work:

Project LEAD, Associated Colleges of Illinois

  • Rachel Ragland, Associate Professor and Chair of Education, Lake Forest College
  • Kalesia Yates, Associated Colleges of Illinois Student Ambassador, McKendree University

AACTE Changing the Demographic Makeup of the Teaching Workforce Networked Improvement Community

  • Ernest Black, Regional Director, CalStateTEACH, California State University, Fullerton
  • Denise Hardesty, Coordinator, Minority Teacher Recruitment Center, Western Kentucky University

AACTE Diversified Teacher Workforce Topical Action Group

  • Conra Gist, Assistant Professor of Childhood Education, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Arkansas

Registration for this webinar is required but free! Learn more and sign up here.

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Amanda Lester

Director, Programs & Professional Learning, AACTE

Omar Davis

Manager of Member Engagement, AACTE