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News Room ScreenshotHave you visited the AACTE online News Room lately? While the News Room is the primary tool used by AACTE to increase the visibility of the educator preparation community, this resource is not only for journalists. AACTE has designed its news hub as a virtual repository of articles, information, and trends in the field to help its members stay up to date on timely education and educator preparation topics.

As a member-based organization, AACTE is keenly positioned to be a collective voice for the educator preparation community. When you want to know how the Association leadership is responding on behalf of AACTE to national events and federal issues that directly impact education and educators nationwide, visit the Press Release & Statements section. Read AACTE’s public comment on actions that range from the push to reopen schools during the COVID-19 pandemic to the most recent statement on the Administration’s restriction of federal funding for critical race theory training in education. This section also houses news releases, offering you updates on the work your Association is generating to assure educators are profession-ready when they enter the classroom, such as research reports, partnerships with other educator preparation-based organizations, and AACTE professional development events (Annual Meetings, Leadership Academy and Washington Week).

To learn more about the commitment of AACTE and members to address current challenges facing education and educator preparation, access the AACTE Thought Leadership series. AACTE’s thought leadership series highlights critical societal issues that affect education in our world today. These articles and resources, written by AACTE members and staff leaders, support teacher educators in modeling social responsibility through embracing and advocating for societal changes that uplift all citizens and support students’ activism toward creating positive change. AACTE encourages you to read, share, and respond to the insights by your peers.

As an AACTE member, you have an open invitation to write about what’s happening at your institution and publish an article in the Ed Prep Matters blog, the premier source for Association news, current events, and advancements in U.S. educator preparation. The blog, which is linked to the News Room, is currently seeking and publishing stories on how members are Responding to COVID-19, talking about Race Matters, and how they are Revolutionizing Education. If you’re interested in writing an article, view the full list of blog topics. For more information on how to submit an article for one of the current columns or to spotlight other important work or research, email

AACTE’s latest addition to the New Room is the In the News feature, which demonstrates how more and more, reporters view AACTE and its members as the primary and expert source of information on educator preparation. In this section, you will find news articles from mainstream media and industry press that emphasize the leading-edge research, models, strategies, and programs developed and implemented by AACTE and members. AACTE will continue to monitor media coverage and add stories that focus on AACTE, members and the core values as outlined in the current strategic plan: diversity, equity, and inclusion; quality and impact; and inquiry and innovation.

If you haven’t recently checked out the AACTE News Room, I hope you’ll take a tour and consider the opportunities you have to learn from and contribute to the various news sections.

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Katrina Norfleet

Content Strategist, AACTE