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Aug. 17 Webinar to Kick Off New Series on Principal, Leader Preparation

On Wednesday, August 17, AACTE will present the first webinar in a new series called “Raising the Bar and Enhancing Partnerships for Principal and Supervisor Preparation.” This event will look at how colleges of education can engage with state legislators and agencies responsible for standards implementation, program approval, licensure, professional development, and school improvement.

Supported by The Wallace Foundation, the series includes four webinars that will explore new standards, district-university partnerships, and roles for state and accreditation agencies in supporting high-quality clinical development of school leaders. In addition, a series of regionally focused webinars later this fall will spotlight specific partnerships and their local context for licensure, program improvement, and change processes.

If you are involved in preparing principals or other school/district leaders, you won’t want to miss the presentations (and the opportunity to ask questions) of faculty participants in The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Pipeline Initiative, their district partners, state legislators, and others serving as panelists in this series.

Tune in on August 17 at 1:00 p.m. EDT for the first webinar, Engaging With States to Inform Principal and Supervisor Preparation, offered in partnership with the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA). Interact with the following presenters:

  • Michelle Young (moderator), Executive Director, UCEA
  • Matthew Smith, Chief Schools Officer, Des Moines (IA) Public Schools
  • Jacquelyn Wilson, Director, Delaware Academy for School Leadership, University of Delaware
  • Kimberly Williams, State Legislator, Delaware House of Representatives
  • David Hill, Director of Educator Preparation and Certification, Georgia Professional Standards Commission

Learn about collaborations around the country that are raising state policy makers’ awareness of and support for initiatives to prepare principals and their supervisors. The webinar will include an overview and Q&A around the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders and the corresponding standards for National Educational Leadership Preparation.

Mark your calendar for our other webinars in the national series:

  • September 13: Successful District-University Partnerships for Principal and Leadership Preparation
  • October 5: How Accrediting Organizations Can Improve Principal Quality
  • October 27: Promising Tools to Support School Leader Licensure and Professional Development

Learn more and register for the August 17 event here.

Angela Maynard Sewall is emeritus dean of the College of Education and emeritus professor of educational leadership at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She currently serves as a consultant with AACTE.

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Angela Maynard Sewall

University of Arkansas at Little Rock