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ACSR Elections: Cast Your Vote by December 13

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As the year comes to a close, it is time for AACTE State Chapter presidents and ACSR Liaisons to cast their ballots in the 2019 election for the ACSR Executive Committee.  As a reminder, the state chapters are divided into four regions: West, Midwest, South and Northeast. Annually, the ACSR voting members elect the ACSR Executive Committee Chair-Elect, and two regions elect their Region Representative to serve on the ACSR Executive Committee. This year the South and the Midwest regions are electing new Region Representatives.

The Chair-Elect serves a 3-year term as Chair-Elect, Chair and Past-Chair, and works with the AACTE staff liaison on the work of ACSR and AACTE to support the AACTE State Chapters. The Chair-Elect attends monthly ACSR Exec Committee, the monthly Region calls as possible and has various responsibilities within the ACSR Exec Committee and ACSR. This position also serves for 3 years on the AACTE Board of Directors. As a member of the AACTE Board, this position will have a fiduciary duty to safeguard the fiscal and organizational well-being of the Association as a whole.

Region Representatives
The Region Representatives serve for 2 years and serve on the ACSR Executive Committee along with the Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past Chair to support the work of ACSR and AACTE for the AACTE State Chapters. The Region Representative convenes the state chapter leaders in her or his region monthly via Zoom to connect to discuss what is unfolding in educator preparation in their state and share the activities of ACSR and AACTE. The Region Representatives serves as the direct line of communication with the rest of the ACSR Executive Committee and the AACTE staff liaison on what is happening on the ground in her or his region. The Region Representatives also attend the monthly ACSR Executive Committee meetings. In addition, they work with the AACTE staff liaison and the other members of the ACSR Executive Committee, and can assume other roles and responsibilities within the committee.

The election closes on Friday, December 13 and we need to be sure to hear from each state chapter! If you are the president or ACSR Liaison for your state chapter, you should have received an email from Ward Cummings, who works with me on the state chapters and focuses on state policy here at AACTE. If you have any questions or need the link to cast your vote, please email gra@aacte.org (this email goes to both Ward and me). Thank you for your participation in this important election. 

View the slate of candidates.

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Deborah Koolbeck

Senior Director of Government Relations, AACTE