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Announcing 2019 ACSR Elections: Vote by December 13

The 2019 ACSR Elections are open and we need you to cast your vote!

The ACSR Annual Election for the Chair-Elect and Region Representatives is now open through December 13. Only the State Chapter President or the ACSR Liaison may vote with the ballot delivered by email.

The slate is as follows:

Two individuals are running for ACSR Chair-Elect:

John Blackwell John Blackwell
Coordinator of Assessment
Virginia State University
Stacey Edmonson

Stacey Edmonson
Dean of the College of Education
Sam Houston State University

Two individuals are running for Midwestern Region Representative:

Anne Tapp Ann Tapp
Professor of Teacher Education
Saginaw State University
Stacy Duffield Stacy Duffield
Professor of Education
North Dakota State University

Three individuals are running for Southern Region Representative:

Robin Fuxa Robin Fuxa
Director, Professional Education
Oklahoma State University
Mark Hogan Mark Hogan
Professor of Education
Belmont University
Beth Quick Beth Quick
Dean College of Education
University of Alabama, Huntsville

If you are an official AACTE voting member, check your email for an invitation to vote in the online poll by December 13. Please email any questions about the 2019 ACSR elections to gra@aacte.org.

Remember to vote. Have your say!

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