AACTE Board Election Results

Congratulations to the following individuals who will join the AACTE Board of Directors effective March 1, 2019.

Patricia Alvarez-McHatton, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Representative

Jennie Carr, Bridgewater College (VA)
Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education Representative

Jacob Easley, Touro College (NY)
At-large Representative

Gaëtane Jean-Marie, University of Northern Iowa
At-large Representative

Stephanie Knight, Southern Methodist University (TX)
At-large Representative

Laurie Mullen, Towson University (MD)
Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities

Kent Smith, Langston University (OK)
National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Representative

AACTE also welcomes three newly appointed president/provost representatives to the board: Carine Feyten, Texas Women’s University; Marquita Grenot-Scheyer, California State University; and Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson, Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

The new board members will attend an orientation prior to the 2019 AACTE Annual Meeting in Louisville on February 20 and will be guests at the Board of Directors meeting the following day. Current AACTE Board Chair Wanda Blanchett (Rutgers University) will chair the meeting. AACTE Board Chair-Elect Kim Metcalf (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), will begin his term as chair effective March 1.

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Jacqueline E. King, Ph.D.

AACTE Consultant