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Using COVID Funds to Support Apprenticeships

The Department of Education issued a Dear Colleague letter to states and local educational agencies (LEAs) to remind them that they can continue to respond to the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic by using funds Congress appropriated in response to the pandemic to, among other things, expand opportunities for high-quality work-based learning, often referred to as “apprenticeships.”

As the memo states, “Work-based learning is a proven strategy that reinforces academic instruction by giving students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in real world situations. Work-based learning also helps young people to generate income, establish future earning potential, and connect with professionals in the labor market.”

The memo and AACTE’s Toolkit can help you create and expand partnerships with school districts in your area to address the educator shortage and diversify the profession using COVID relief funds.  You may also want to consult with the National Center for Grow Your Own for guidance.

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