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Why Participate in AACTE’s Day on the Hill?

AACTE’s annual Day on the Hill, the association’s premiere advocacy event, is scheduled for September 21-23. It is a unique opportunity to engage with your Members of Congress about the critical work you do. But some may wonder, “What do I get out of participating?”

First and foremost, you can explain to policymakers the importance of the teaching profession and why it is important to invest in teacher preparation programs to help address the teacher shortage and diversify the profession. Even before the pandemic, the teacher shortage was a critical issue for our nation.  Studies and news reports indicate that COVID will make the problem more acute. Fortunately, President Biden has proposed historic funding increases for programs AACTE has long supported, like the Teacher Quality Partnerships, and doubling of the TEACH Grants, which are critical to training student to teach in high needs schools or fields. Your voice is critical to helping this legislation pass.

Day on the Hill also provides you with an opportunity to learn how others are advocating for the profession at their universities and in their communities. The agenda includes several sessions where your colleagues will share the work they are doing and the importance of advocating. 

It also provides you with an opportunity to network, reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. 

“As educational leaders, we often feel isolated in our work of advocating for the profession and striving for improved educational policy. Day on the Hill reminds us that we are not alone in these efforts. DOTH participants are given time to collaborate with others within their state and beyond to develop group strategies, plan for meetings with congressional offices, and ways to follow up after Day on the Hill.” Larry Daniel

Although Day on the Hill will be held virtually, there are plenty of opportunities to network while listening to the sessions and we will have a private concert and reception, providing another opportunity to engage with attendees. 

There are additional reasons why you should attend Day on the Hill but you’ll have to join us to find them. I hope that you will register and join us in September. 


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