New Advocacy Guide Facilitates Creation of ‘Leave-Behind’ Documents

A new advocacy guide is now available for download in AACTE’s Advocacy Center. This guide, “Creating Leave-Behind Documents for Meetings With Elected Officials,” is part of our ongoing effort to provide opportunities to advance your advocacy capacity.

Through this AACTE members-only resource, you will learn of some best practices for developing materials to take to meetings with elected officials and other important stakeholders. As participants in AACTE’s Day on the Hill can attest, developing one-page “leave-behinds” for these meetings is important when time is short and you have much to share about your programs and their impact on your community and state. Leave-behind documents allow you to focus your meeting time on key talking points while supplying more in-depth information as a reference for elected officials or their staff. To learn more, check out the new guide!

In case you missed them, six other guides are also currently available for download from the federal page of AACTE’s Advocacy Center:

  • Requesting a Meeting With an Elected Official
  • Preparing for a Meeting With an Elected Official
  • Brief Tips for a Successful Meeting
  • Requesting Cosponsorship for Bills
  • Twitter Advocacy
  • Press Relations 101

Additional guides are in development so stay tuned! Meanwhile, if there is an advocacy topic or skill you would like us to cover, please let us know.

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Zachary VanHouten

Manager of Programs and Advocacy, AACTE