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Twitter Chat Tomorrow on Teacher Prep Quality, Capacity

On Wednesday, June 17, the Education Policy Center (EPC) at the American Institutes for Research will host a Twitter chat, “Preparing a Million New Teachers,” to discuss whether educator preparation programs are up to the challenge of producing a well-prepared workforce. You can lend your voice to the chat by following and tagging #EPCchat on Twitter, starting tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

According to the latest brief from EPC—A Million New Teachers Are Coming: Will They Be Ready to Teach?—in the next decade, more than 1.5 million new teachers will be hired for U.S. schools, and so “it’s time to take a start-to-finish look at teacher preparation.” Released last month, the brief was authored by Jenny DeMonte (@JennyDeMonte), who will join the Twitter chat along with policy makers, researchers, and educators like you to weigh in on questions about preparing the next generation of teachers.

Be sure to join the conversation to share your professional knowledge and experience! You might discuss your program’s recruitment practices, partnerships with PK-12 schools and mentor teachers, or robust clinical requirements. Lend your voice to licensure matters, performance assessment, and retention concerns. Review the EPC brief here.

To receive the planned questions in advance, contact edupolicycenter@air.org. Or simply log in to Twitter and join the chat tomorrow evening!

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Raquel Carrilho

Digital Media Manager