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Membership Committee Chair: Service Brings Broad Perspective on Profession

The Call for Nominations to serve on AACTE’s Board of Directors and standing committees is open at submit.aacte.org until May 9, 2014. One of the seven standing committees is the Committee on Membership Development and Capacity Building, focused on membership recruitment and retention, including the development of supporting programs and services. I asked the committee’s chair, Patricia Heydet-Kirsch, director of Assessment of Program Evaluation at Florida Atlantic University, to share why she was drawn to serve and what experiences she has gained.

What caused you to want to serve on AACTE’s Committee on Membership Development and Capacity Building?

I was interested in serving on AACTE’s Committee on Membership Development and Capacity Building to understand the broader perspective of AACTE’s impact.

How do you find the experience rewarding, both in terms of the organization and personally?

I have learned so much about AACTE, the services AACTE provides, and the team of professionals working behind the scenes for colleges of education. The professional connections have brought a new focus to my role in higher education.

Are there certain previous experiences, either with AACTE or in your career, that you have found particularly helpful to working on the committee?

The need to understand partnerships between all stakeholders stands out. To work with an AACTE committee, you must acknowledge the broad perspectives and diverse needs of our members, and of the districts and PK-12 learners they serve.

Is there particular committee work that you are especially proud of?

I am very proud of the individual attention given to institutions as they consider membership. Not only does the committee work to invite inquiry, we work to provide easy access to all AACTE has to offer.

Any other related thoughts/information for potential committee nominees?

Be a part of the process! Serving on a committee affords the opportunity to impact our profession on a national level. Moving from the comfort of our individual careers to considering issues impacting colleges around the globe invites a spirit of camaraderie. I know we make a difference.

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Lucy Berrier

Board Liaison and Special Projects Coordinator, AACTE