Gelawdiyos Haile Named Scholar of the Month

Gelawdiyos Haile Congratulations to Gelawdiyos Haile, Holmes Scholar of the Month for December 2019. Haile is pursuing a doctorate in counselor education at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He currently works as a graduate research assistant, where he coordinates a mentoring program. Haile is also a registered mental health counselor intern with the state of Florida, and serves as a professional tennis registry adult development instructor.

His primary research interests include the process of addiction and recovery, multicultural counseling, human performance, and interpersonal neurobiology. He is currently involved in two empirical investigations that explore counselor preparedness, crisis work, and substance abuse in college students.

While completing his doctoral studies and conducting research, Haile is preparing himself to enter the world of academia by actively engaging in the writing process. He recently submitted two conceptual manuscripts for publication: “Re-thinking Recovery: An Idiosyncratic Model for Optimal Recovery” and  “Optimal Supervision for Substance Abuse Counselors’-in-Training: Insight from Sport Psychology,” as well as two book chapter submissions: “Wellness and Multiculturalism” and “Fathering Adult Children with New Adult Responsibilities.”

Haile has also completed more than a dozen presentations at national, international, and local conferences on a host of topics, not limited to addiction and substance abuse, emotion regulation, spirituality, self-care, and secure attachment.

He has extensive teaching experience and is heavily engaged in the counseling community. An active member of the American Counseling Association, Haile is affiliated with eight other professional associations where he holds leadership positions in different capacities.


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