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Join the Webinar: Partnerships for Preparing Principals

Last week, AACTE and National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) kicked off National Principals Month with the first webinar in a four-part series highlighting principal preparation, titled The Challenges and Success of Principal Recruitment and Retention. The webinar series is developed in partnership with the Wallace Foundation. The premier webinar focused on the challenges and successes of principal recruitment and retention. Three panelists shared their experiences and research related to principal preparation and retention: Ed Fuller from Pennsylvania State University, David Wick, president of NAESP, and Jamon Flowers, currently a doctoral student at William & Mary and former principal.

Collectively, the panelists stressed that context matters when it comes to principal preparation, placement, and retention. One size does not fit all when it comes to recruiting and retaining principals. In addition to leadership best practices, principal preparation programs should be helping principals to understand what it means to lead in specific settings and provide them with the necessary skills to be successful. Furthermore, the turnover rate for principals is high, especially in high-poverty schools. For insights into the potential causes contributing to this high turnover rate and for additional recommendations for principal preparation, watch the webinar recording.

Later this month, AACTE will continue to highlight the important work of school leaders with the second webinar in the series, Successful University and District Partnerships for Preparing Principals. This webinar is focused on the important role the partnership between principal preparation programs and local school districts plays in sustaining the principal pipeline. Panelists include Brenda Turnbull, policy studies associates,. Janis Carthon of Albany State University and Chara Willaford of Dougherty County (GA)  School System.

Join us on Monday, October 21 at 1pm ET to hear how district and principal preparation program leaders can work together to support principals. Register for the webinar, Successful University and District Partnerships for Preparing Principals .

For more information about this webinar series and AACTE’s partnership with the Wallace Foundation, visit the principal preparation section of the AACTE website. Additional resources related to school leadership and the principal pipeline can be found in the school leadership section of the knowledge center on the Wallace Foundation website.


Caitlin Wilson

Director, Program Improvement and Practice, AACTE