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Lessons From AACTE’s ‘Preparing for Accreditation’ Online Seminar

Are you looking to expand your understanding of quality assurance processes? Give your practice a boost with an affordable and convenient Online Professional Seminar (OPS), offered through AACTE’s Quality Support Center.

Joseph Lubig, an associate dean at Northern Michigan University, has completed five of the six seminars on assessment and accreditation. He says he especially enjoyed OPS #5: Preparing for Accreditation and its practical assistance for meeting the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) standards, including legacy standards of the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

“I liked CAEP’s connection in the course,” he said, “and how I can use that for the TEAC standards. I liked the multiple examples [that were shared] and how the course was structured and programmed.”

OPS #5: Preparing for Accreditation emphasizes the process of planning and executing strategies for successful accreditation. Its key learning outcomes include the following:

  • Articulate criteria for transparency and forthrightness of accreditation reporting
  • Inventory the level of readiness for accreditation among stakeholders at a selected institution
  • Compare methods and strategies for team work
  • Demonstrate a quality assurance system at a selected institution
  • Synthesize the process of preparing for accreditation

Like all of AACTE’s OPSs, this course provides an asynchronous online forum to share resources and discuss strategies with peers, guided by an experienced facilitator. Lubig said OPS #5: Preparing for Accreditation resonated with him by pushing him to think more deeply about evidence and continuous improvement.

“It was something I would do again,” he said, “and get my faculty involved with. The course [built on] things I knew already as an educator and structured the material to our everyday work, which was very helpful.”

The next session of OPS #5 begins Monday, August 8, but other start dates and other courses are also available—so choose what works best for you! The seminars can be taken in any order and have no prerequisites.

Find more information and register here.

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