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    The Push to Get More Teachers of Color in Special Education Classrooms

    Teacher of color working with two students

    The excerpt below is taken from an article originally published in Ed Week and is reprinted with permission.

    It’s a constant struggle for school districts across the country to find qualified special education teachers. An extra challenge: finding special educators of color to help meet the needs of a student population that can be disproportionately nonwhite.

    Just over 82 percent of special education teachers in public schools are white, according to 2011-12 federal data, the most recent available. Meanwhile, only about half of students receiving special education services are white, according to 2017-18 data.

    Yet teacher diversity matters: Decades of research has shown that students often perform better academically when they are taught by teachers of the same race.

    “The special education field is really prime to recruit faculty of color,” said Jacqueline Rodriguez,

    Cooperation Helping Address Va. Teacher Shortage

    Jane Bray

    This article originally appeared in The Virginian-Pilot and is reprinted with permission.  

    SOME SAY mountains cannot be moved, but the commonwealth has done just that.

    Achieving solidarity among educators, politicians, policymakers, higher education institutions and leaders from across Virginia, the effort to combat the teacher shortage in our classrooms has been nothing short of truly astonishing.

    On June 20, the Virginia Board of Education gave the final seal of approval for 53 four-year undergraduate degree programs in teacher education at 15 institutions of higher education across the state.

    Meeting the national need for teachers

    Bolstering Education
    This article and photo is reprinted with permission from
    Illinois State, August 2019 issue.

    Media alerts announce another school shooting with lives lost. Another extended teachers’ strike is called to protest inadequate pay. Another round of standardized test results show that American students are falling behind. Another cut made in funds earmarked for public education cripples school districts struggling to keep pace with changing curricula and technology.

    ISU College of Education Dean James Wolfinger will tell you the regular recurrence of such reports sparks mounting negative sentiments toward the teaching profession as a whole, which results in one more equally troubling headline: America is facing a critical shortage of teachers.

    “The problem is serious, it is real, and it is not overblown by the media,”

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