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New EPP Leader? Register for AACTE New Deans Academy

Mark your calendars for the upcoming New Deans Academy, held on June 17 in Cleveland, OH, the premier gathering of teacher education leaders new to their roles in their institutions — designed for deans, chairs, and faculty leaders position who have been in their roles for three years or less.

Attendees can network with other new leaders facing similar situations and challenges  in their positions. The New Deans Academy will allow you to discuss with peers the successes in your role, challenges you faced, and help you find creative solutions to shared problems. In addition, you will also hear from presenters who will share insights into these topics.

Why AACTE’s Leadership Academy is Essential for Professional Development

In the ever-changing landscape of higher education, navigating the complexities of leadership demands more than just expertise in pedagogy; it requires strategic vision, effective communication, and adept decision-making. Recognizing this, AACTE’s Leadership Academy is a cornerstone for empowering educator preparation academic leaders —  deans, department chairs, and other administrators — to thrive in their unique roles.

Join AACTE June 18–20 in Cleveland, OH, where Leadership Academy will accelerate personal and professional growth, offering members a unique opportunity to hone their skills, collaborate with peers, and find solace in shared experiences. The New Deans Academy is open to those with less than three or less years of experience in their role and will be held on June 17.

Registration Open for AACTE Leadership Academy


Are you ready to take your leadership skills to the next level? Registration is now open for the highly anticipated 2024 AACTE Leadership Academy, scheduled to take place from June 18 to June 20 in the vibrant city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Attendees will engage with higher education thought leaders, expand their network of supportive colleagues and peers, and develop strategies together. This academy will ensure that AACTE deans, department and program chairs, and other academic leaders are prepared to successfully navigate their roles and responsibilities on campus and achieve their goals and vision for the future of educator preparation.

Last Chance to Register: 2023 Leadership Academy

The 2023 Leadership Academy is not just another leadership program — it’s a transformative experience that will: 

  • Enhance leadership skills;
  • Address current issues; and
  • Build a professional peer network.

Join a professional network of deans, chairs, and heads of education preparation programs who have already registered. Secure your spot at this must-attend event for higher education leaders and register before Friday, July 14.

LocationEmoji_2564076.png Location: Denver, CO
DateEmoji_2564082.png Date: July 30 – August 4

AACTE Extends 2023 Leadership Academy Registration

With all the summer activities and vacation breaks, AACTE understands that you may not have gotten around to registering for the 2023 Leadership Academy, so we have extended the registration deadline to Friday, July 14.

The Leadership Academy is an exclusive opportunity for deans, chairs, and heads of education preparation programs to connect with each other. Join your peers and be part of strategic conversations to elevate the work you are doing at your institution.

Are You Excited to Lead Innovation and Change?

Register for the 2023 Leadership and New Deans Academy

Are you a dean or chair or head of a department looking to take your leadership skills to the next level? Join fellow educator preparation professionals at AACTE’s 2023 Leadership Academy in Denver from July 30 to August 3.

Whether you are a new or seasoned administrator in the educator preparation field, this year’s Leadership Academy will ignite your passion and equip you with practical strategies to drive real change on campus. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with other education leaders and return with valuable insights. Register by July 7 and book your hotel at the group rate.

Registration Now Open: 2023 Leadership Academy

 Registration is now open for AACTE’s Leadership Academy — a unique opportunity for deans, department chairs, and other administrators and faculty to enhance their leadership skills, address current issues, and build a professional peer network. Whether just beginning your career in academic leadership, or a seasoned and experienced leader with years of experience, this year’s Leadership Academy provides professional development that is essential and applicable to everyone, including a New Deans Academy:

  • Leadership Academy: Sunday, July 30 – Thursday, August 3, and 
  • New Deans Academy: Thursday, August 3 – Friday, August 4  

Don’t Delay: Last Chance to Register for the 2022 Leadership Academy

2022 Leadership Academy

Time is running out to join your colleagues at AACTE’s 2022 Leadership Academy! Whether just beginning your career in academic leadership, or a seasoned and experienced leader with years of experience, this reimagined Academy provides professional development that is essential and applicable to everyone. And at a registration price point lower than at any time in the last 10 years, there’s no better way to gain essential training while being mindful of your budget as well.

As the education climate continues to evolve, leaders today find themselves navigating a number of hot topics. At this year’s Leadership Academy, attendees will have an opportunity to explore these pressing items. Whether reviewing case studies that are “ripped from the headlines,” or interacting in roundtables to brainstorm solutions to problems of practice, participants are sure to walk away from this Academy with action items to implement upon returning to their institutions.

Exploring Leadership Academy Content: Navigating Difficult Situations

In this climate of ever-increasing polarization, where a recent study suggests that one third of the population cannot understand or empathize with differing points of view, the pressure on academic leaders to mitigate conflict is greater than ever. Add in the varying backgrounds of faculty and staff, as well as different work styles and remote environments, and you have the potential for a tense and anxious work environment. As a result, today’s academic leaders find themselves challenged to improve and advance their programs and institutions amidst an increasingly contentious climate.

At the same time, academic leaders find themselves navigating the media spotlight thrust upon their programs due to the politicization of education. Whether it’s national reporting, local coverage, or the various social media platforms, a picture of education and teacher preparation is being painted, with or without the perspective and insight of our educator preparation programs.

Why Attend AACTE’s 2022 Leadership Academy: Hear from This Year’s Participants

Earlier last month, AACTE announced that its signature, Leadership Academy convening would be returning in 2022 with a new, in-person format. The reimagined programming allows academic leaders to customize their learning experience while minimizing time spent out of the office. And at a reduced price point, attendees can participate in essential professional development while saving money on registration and hotel costs.

But why should new and seasoned leaders attend the Academy? Here’s what a few of this year’s confirmed registrants had to say regarding their decision to attend in 2022, and what they hope to gain from the experience:

A Focus on Leadership Academy Content: Implementing Strategic Planning at All Levels

2022 Leadership Academy

Over the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace of change, and the time to respond to those changes, has seemingly accelerated. Today’s leaders are tasked with making informed decisions to solve new problems, but often with minimal information and without an opportunity for collaborative input. As a result, successful leaders are relying upon detailed, strategic plans as guides to ensure their decisions are in alignment with the goals and priorities of their institution and their constituents.

One benefit of strategic planning is that it creates a single, forward-focused vision. As a part of its strategic plan, AACTE aligns its ongoing commitment to high-quality educator preparation with its commitment to leveraging opportunities to address the future challenges that come from an ever-changing educational landscape. To that end, AACTE is working with deans, program chairs, and other academic leaders to ensure their strategic planning processes are forward-thinking and revolutionary, while also representative of the diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environments AACTE and its members want to create. To provide this support, AACTE is proud to offer the following session content in both the dean and chair strands of the 2022 Leadership Academy:

AACTE Leadership Academy Focus on Content: Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Practice

2022 Leadership Academy

In today’s world, diversity, equity, and inclusion can sometimes feel like simply buzzwords. They are trendy to say, and deemed important to acknowledge strategically, but are the actions taken by academic leaders truly enhancing diversity amongst our faculty and candidates? Is there a collective, shared sense of what equitable practices look like?  And most importantly, are the decisions of leaders today creating and cultivating spaces that are inclusive to all?

As a part of its strategic plan, AACTE and its members are committed to increasing the diversity of their faculty and the students they prepare, so that educators more accurately reflect the diversity within PK-12 schools. As such, AACTE firmly believes in the need to continually assist deans, program chairs, and other academic leaders in navigating and managing the ever-changing landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion within educator preparation. To that end, AACTE is proud to provide session content in both the dean and chair strands of the Leadership Academy that will address the following key questions:

  • Why is it important to foster and promote diversity, and develop inclusive environments?
  • What cultural implications do I need to attend to in the areas of teaching, research, and service?
  • What specific actions are necessary to address the cultural implications in the areas of teaching, research, and service?

Working within job-alike cohorts, attendees will engage in several activities designed to “disrupt” the normal thinking around diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Participants will define their own characteristics of what makes an equitable environment, and then with outside collaboration from peers, dig deeper to see just what gaps may need to be filled to create more inclusive practices and spaces. In the end, attendees will leave the session with an action list of practices to implement, which can be customized for their institution.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this engaging and interactive look at diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic leadership.  Join us June 26-30, 2022, at the Renaissance International Plaza Hotel in Tampa, FL, where you can choose from one of three track options

  • New Chairs and Academic Leaders – June 26-28
  • New and Seasoned Deans – June 28-30
  • Full Conference (All Sessions) – June 26-30

Be sure to check out the schedule of content to be offered this year and reserve your spot today for AACTE’s new and improved Leadership Academy experience. 

You Spoke, We Listened: Leaders Shape New Academy Experience

2022 Leadership Academy

During AACTE’s 2022 Annual Meeting last month in New Orleans, deans from across the country participated in a listening session with President and CEO Lynn M. Gangone. As has become tradition, this session provides academic leaders a platform to discuss the value of AACTE membership, as well as reflect upon how the association can best serve both their individual and institutional needs over the next year.  Some of the opportunities expressed during this session included the following:

  • Expanding access to virtual/online trainings that target various levels of academic faculty
  • Providing guidance and assistance in developing a career trajectory as an academic leader
  • Offering practices and exemplars for collaborating effectively with legislators
  • Demonstrating how current data can be used to inform programmatic decisions
  • Aligning advocacy at the national level with state affiliate initiatives
  • Utilizing technological platforms to expand and improve programmatic offerings

New Leadership Academy Format, New Opportunities for All Leaders

2022 Leadership Academy

What’s new at AACTE’s 2022 Leadership Academy? In response to requests for tailored programming, AACTE will offer its high-quality leadership training in two distinct program sessions—one for new chairs and academic leaders, the other for new and seasoned deans.

With a focus on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, both sessions explore critical components of academic leadership. Attendees will understand the complex roles and functions of their positions while building key leadership skills and forging networks with other professionals in similar leadership roles.