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Interact with Roundtable and iPoster Presenters During #AACTE21

Roundtable Sessions - iPostersThe Annual Meeting Roundtable Sessions and Holmes Poster Session will look a lot different at this year’s virtual conference.  In past years, the Round Table sessions were set up with a presenter to speak to a small group of people on their subject matter and posters hung for the attendees to view and talk face-to-face with the author. With a virtual meeting, that is difficult to do. 

This year, we will be utilizing iPosters for the Round Table sessions and Holmes Poster Session. iPosters is an interactive presentation platform that displays high-resolution images, video, animations, and voice-over narrations. Participants will be able to scroll through the content of the poster, click on images, and watch and listen to videos and other enhancements the presenters add to their sessions.  During their scheduled session time, presenters and authors will have the opportunity to talk with the attendees via chat or other options to discuss their session topic. Make sure to virtually stop by the Poster Gallery during these times to talk with the presenters:

You’re Invited to AACTE’s 2021 Annual Meeting

Ann Larson

As chair of the AACTE Board of Directors, I personally invite you to attend AACTE’s virtual 2021 Annual MeetingFebruary 24-26. This year’s conference will provide ample opportunities to engage with colleagues in meaningful discussion around the critical issues facing our profession.

During these challenging times, it is imperative to create an empowered mindset, to renew democracy, and to respond to an entrenched system of inequities and fear. Together, through our collective power, we can affect the change we wish to see.

The AACTE Annual Meeting addresses the most pertinent issues and trends impacting our classrooms, our communities, and our world today. Hear from dynamic speakers such as:

  • Bettina L. Love, who headlines the Speaker Spotlight Session, February 25, will focus on activism and teachings about the intersection of race, education, abolition, and Black joy. Learn more
  • Michael Beschloss, an award-winning presidential historian and scholar of leadership, will be the speaker at the Closing Keynote Session, February 26. Learn more

Hurry! Advance Registration Deadline is February 1

AACTE Annual Meeting logo

There is still time for you to register for the AACTE 73rd Annual meeting at a discounted rate.  The Advance Registration rates will be available until midnight Monday, February 1.  Please note, fees will increase to the late registration rate after this date.    

You won’t want to miss attending the virtual conference, February 24 – 26. The three-day event will include the same elements as the in-person meetings: concurrent sessions on trending topics centered on our theme, dynamic keynote speakers, and professional service providers in the Conference Community Center— plus much, much more.  Check out the Online Event Planner for the day-to-day schedule of events. 

We look forward to seeing you there. 

Register Now

Visit for conference details, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the conversation using #AACTE21.

Come experience the reimagined AACTE Annual Meeting – One community. One purpose. One voice.

Discover and Discuss Legislative Priorities at AACTE21

Gavel and American Flag

With the new administration at work and a new congress well underway, the need for AACTE and its members to engage with their elected officials is as important as ever. The existing shortfall of highly trained educators has been exacerbated by COVID-19. According to one study, prior to the pandemic, 100,000 classrooms in the United States were staffed by instructors who were unqualified for their jobs; in one month alone, 469,000 public school district personnel nationally lost their jobs and roughly 27% of teachers say they are considering leaving their job, retiring early, or taking a leave of absence because of the pandemic. Congress must understand the consequences of the shortage and what needs to be done to address it.

Your voice is key to educating lawmakers.

The Committee on Government Relations and Advocacy, one of AACTE’s standing committees, is hosting a session during the AACTE Annual Meeting to educate attendees about President Biden’s priorities for education and the composition of Congress and legislation it may consider.  The session will also focus on AACTE’s legislative priorities, as well as strategies to move them forward. The committee will also share how to use your voice and share your experience with your elected officials.

Do you have questions about this session? Email

Get Inspired to Take Action During #AACTE21 Opening Keynote

Time for Action

This year’s Opening Keynote Session, Policy and Practice for a Post-Pandemic World, at the AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting will both inform and inspire you to take the courageous actions needed to advance educator preparation. Join AACTE on February 24 for a series of mini presentations from influential politicians and education leaders making a difference in shaping our post-COVID world.

Dynamic speakers will address questions such as:

  • What does it mean to “build back better” from a national landscape, as well as within the education field?
  • How do we raise awareness to the important role educators play in redefining our national and global future?
  • What reform can be enacted to ensure a more equitable education for all students?
  • What policies are on the horizon that will address low pay as a barrier to attracting and retaining teachers?
  • How will leaders address the affordability of college education and its impact on recruiting students to become teachers?

Engage in AACTE’s Learning Labs at #AACTE21

AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting

AACTE’s engaging concurrent sessions, known as Learning Labs, will offer attendees hundreds of topic options during the virtual 2021 Annual Meeting. Come experience these enhanced sessions, categorized by these types:

  • Case Stories sessions feature quality storytelling designed to illuminate real world case studies that demonstrate innovation or breakthrough practices.
  • Data to Action sessions release recent data in ways that encourage attendees to discuss its relevance and practicality in everyday settings.
  • Future Casting sessions explore the creation of “next practices” as opposed to and/or in addition to exploring current best practices.
  • Paper Sessions feature two presentations focused on a similar topic centered around the event strands.
  • Perspectives sessions address a current topic or concern that is germane to educator preparation framed as a research, policy, or program question.
  • Roundtables sessions focus on a particular topic and are led by an individual or a small group.
  • Scenario Planning sessions help attendees consider and discuss a variety of actions that might take place because of changing conditions.

AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting Moves Ed Prep in the Right Direction

Meeting process.Image young business managers crew working with new startup project.Using modern smartphones,texting message,analyze plans.Digital Connections World Wide Interfaces Screen.Film effect

As a member of AACTE’s Meetings and Professional Development Committee, it has been exciting to see this year’s Annual Meeting come together. Given the tragic events of the past few weeks, the conference theme of “Resisting Hate, Restoring Hope: Engaging in Courageous Action” is even more relevant today than a year ago. It is an affirmation that we truly live in a time that calls upon each and every one of us to restore hope through courageous action.

This year’s keynote speakers embody this mission. Award-winning author and professor, Bettina L. Love, will show us how to build communal, civically-engaged schools that love and affirm Black and Brown children. Our need for a healthier political climate, one that honors democracy through integrity and public service will be addressed by acclaimed, presidential historian Michael Beschloss.

Time is Running Out for the Early Bird Discount

Last change to register - Early Bird Deadline January 19Tuesday, January 19, is the Early Bird registration deadline for th AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting, February 24-26. Get the lowest registration rate when you register by 12 midnight. Secure your spot for the conference in just a few seconds!
Engage with colleagues around imperative issues in education during AACTE’s Deeper Dives. This year’s sessions will explore:
  • Leading in the Time of Crisis: Responding to COVID-19 and Social Justice Movements
  • Effective Online Pedagogy and Learning: Applying Technology-Enhanced Teaching Strategies to the New Normal in 2021 and Beyond
  • The 1619 Project
  • Critical-Race Theory and Countering Political Culture
  • Advancing Equity through Social Emotional Learning
  • Teacher Performance Assessments as a Tool For Teacher Learning, Program Improvement, and Accountability 

Powerful Professional Learning: Preparing Educators for Equitable Family, School, and Community Engagement

, Preparing Educators for Equitable Family, School, and Community Engagement During the virtual AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting, attendees are invited to join their peers at the Learning Lab session, Preparing Educators for Equitable Family, School, and Community Engagement on Thursday, February 25 from 3:45 – 4:45 p.m. AACTE member Gail Richmond of Michigan State University addresses this topic in the following thought leadership article. 

Effective educators see themselves as more than just employees in a building. They consider themselves to be contributing members of a greater community. Educators do so much more than teach children academic lessons; they play a very important role in helping families and preparing young people to lead healthy and productive lives and to make their communities supportive and safe places to live. The more teachers know about the needs of their students, their families, and the communities in which they live, the more responsive they can be to those needs.

Powerful professional learning is the result of identifying and addressing relevant problems specific to individuals based on their own development and needs. Powerful professional learning also enables teachers to expand their perspectives and to refine their teaching strategies in order to be responsive to the students they educate, their family members, and the greater community.

#AACTE21 Early Bird Discount Now Available Through Jan. 19

AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting

Meeting as we complete the final stages of planning. We are confident the content offerings will both spark and support positive change and growth for you, your institutions, and for our profession.

If there is one thing we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that flexibility and patience are more important than ever. We have heard from a multitude of AACTE members that today’s early bird registration deadline for the Annual Meeting is too soon. Many of you are just returning to campus after a well-deserved winter break, and simply put, need a few more days to coordinate both your registration and payment. AACTE both hears your request and understands your point of view, and we are happy to extend the deadline.

Please be sure to register for the AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting at the early bird discount by next Tuesday, January 19.  And, remember:

Take A Deeper Dive into Education at #AACTE21

73rd Annual Meeting - Deeper DrivesAs AACTE heads into the final weeks of planning for the 73rd Annual Meeting, we can’t wait to welcome you to the virtual conference! Be sure to visit the Online Event Planner to create a personal schedule that makes the most of your time. In addition to adding the speaker spotlight and opening and closing keynote sessions, you’ll want to select the Learning Labs and “Deeper Dive” sessions that are of greatest interest to you.

The Deeper Dives provide a large-format, expert-facilitated exploration of a key topic during one dedicated time slot each day. Six sessions will be offered this year in three time slots:

Making Connections in Times of Crisis

AACTE Annual Meeting 2021During the virtual AACTE 2021 Annual Meeting, attendees are invited to join their peers at the Deeper Dive Session, Leading in the Time of Crisis: Responding to COVID19 and Social Justice Movements, Wednesday, February 24 at 4:00 – 5:15 p.m. AACTE member Andrew J. Schiera of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education addresses this topic in the following thought leadership article.

Our world has never experienced anything like it did in 2020. Last year, we found ourselves at a major crossroad. Amidst fighting a global pandemic, our country also experienced intense civil unrest and protests due to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and others. We have all been deeply affected by these events, and our nation’s teachers have been thrust into a world unknown. They must not only become practical-minded, on-the-ground social justice educators but must learn how to do so effectively in an ever-changing virtual environment. Now, more than ever, we must dig deep into what we know as teacher educators and to listen, anticipate, and plan rather than reacting to barriers (both expected and unexpected) that emerge along the way.

AACTE 2021 Early Bird Deadline Extended to January 11

AACTE's 73rd Annual Meeting

Were you busy wrapping things up at the end of 2020 and you forgot to register for the 2021 Annual Meeting?  Don’t worry.  There is still time to register at the early bird rate.  AACTE has extended the deadline until Monday, January 11 at midnight. 

Don’t miss out on registering for the virtual conference at this discounted rate. AACTE 2021, to be held February 24-26, offers attendees three days of concurrent sessions, keynote speakers,  professional service providers and other exhibitors in the Conference Community Center, as well as networking opportunities at various receptions. 

Access the Online Event Planner to view and plan for the day-to-day schedule of events. 

Register Now

For more conference details, visit, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and join the conversation using #AACTE21.

Come experience the reimagined AACTE Annual Meeting – One community. One purpose. One voice.


Still Time to Register at Discounted Rates

Deadline extended

AACTE has extended registration deadlines for its virtual 2021 Annual Meeting, February 24-26. Enjoy the gift of time this holiday season to secure discounted rates for the premier educator preparation conference in the nation. The early bird registration deadline is now January 11.

Reduced Registration Rates


Early Bird
(on or before
January 11, 2020)

Advance Registration
(on or before
February 1, 2021)

Late Registration
(after February 1, 2021)

Member Rate   




Non Member Rate   




Emerging Leader   




Student or Holmes Scholar   




Plan Your Virtual Experience with AACTE Annual Meeting Event Planner

AACTE 73rd Annual Meeting

Want to know everything that is happening at the 2021 AACTE Annual Meeting?  The Event Planner has the entire schedule for each day (all times listed in the Event Planner are Eastern Time).    

Once you have logged in to the Event Planner, you will be able to

  1. Browse the Full Schedule – You can use the search field at the top to locate sessions by presenter name (first or last), title, keywords, and other fields.
  2. Access Session Information – See a session you might be interested in? Just click on the session title to access a description and list of presenters.
  3. Plan Your Annual Meeting Experience – When you find a session you want to attend, just click the “add” button next to the session information. This will store the session to your schedule (which you can access at any time by clicking the “My Schedule” tab at the top).
  4. Sync AACTE’s Annual Meeting to Your Calendar – At any time, you can visit “My Schedule” to both print a copy of your schedule and send invite requests to your electronic calendar(s) for each session you wish to attend.
  5. Share Your Work with Other Attendees – Want to get other attendees interested in your session? If you are the presenter of a session, you can upload your slides, handouts, and other documents at any time. Just click on the “Sessions I’m Presenting” tab at the top of your page, and then click the “manage handouts” button next to the session you wish to add documents to in the schedule.


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