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Journal of Teacher Education Seeks Proposals on Generative AI 

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, the Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) is seeking proposals for a special issue on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Volume 76, issue three. Generative AI is an artificial intelligence model that can create new content, mimicking certain styles or patterns in existing data. While AI has been part of the educational landscape for an extended period, generative AI is a relative newcomer. As a consumer product, generative AI broke into the mainstream with the release of Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT) in November 2022. Since then, educators have been grappling with its implications for learning in K-12 and, as a result, in teacher education. 

Advancing the conversation and the knowledge base around generative AI in education aligns with AACTE’s position to advance the quality of Educator preparation and enhance the educational experience for all students. 

Call for Proposals, Reviewers for the AACTE 2025 Annual Meeting

The Call for Proposals and Call for Reviewers for the AACTE 2025 Annual Meeting is now open. The conference theme, “Beyond the Horizon: Charting the Course for Educator Preparation” aligns the meeting with the Association’s vision and mission to revolutionize education for all learners by elevating education and educator preparation through research, professional practice, advocacy, and collaboration. Representing the institutions and programs that prepare the greatest number of professional educators in the United States and its territories, and in partnership with international colleague organizations, AACTE is the incubator for bold ideas and discoveries to drive impactful applications based on evidence-based reasoning. 

Shifting from Preparing to Sustaining a Teacher Workforce

2024 AACTE Featured Session Reflection

The “Shifting from Preparing to Sustaining a Teacher Workforce” session provided participants with a project overview of shifting from preparing to sustaining a teacher workforce. The Teacher Educational Global Learning Futures Collaborative (TEGLFC) presentation addressed the need to globally connect educators to “visualize new futures for education.” The panel presented an innovative team-based model that provides all students with a “deeper and personalized learning” by developing expert teams of educators and improving ways that will empower educators as they enter the profession.  TEGLFC invites teacher preparation programs, as well as students, to join this cooperative venture which will serve as a network to “leverage the collective power of teacher preparation programs across the globe.”

A Committee Review of AI Integration in Education

At the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting in February, incoming AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology members Peña Bedesem (Kent State University) and Jon Margerum-Leys (Oakland University) attended the Featured session “AI Integration in Education: Bridging the Gap for Future Educators.” In the following article, they recap the panelists’ presentation.

AACTE at its best has always brought together viewpoints representing philosophy, innovation, and implementation. The featured panel on artificial intelligence (AI) integration certainly did that. Moderator David Slykhuis, Ph.D., (Valdosta State University) led a wide-ranging conversation among Arizona State’s Punya Mishra, Ph.D., Marie Heath, Ed.D., (Loyola Marymount); and Diane Lauer, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer of St. Vrain Valley Schools in Colorado.

While all three panelists brought expertise regarding artificial intelligence, each offered a unique perspective. Mishra served as the proponent of innovation, Lauer the experienced implementer, and Heath the philosophical conscience of the group.

Diversifying the Teaching Profession: Strategies for Success

A 2024 AACTE Session Recap and Reflection

The session “Diversifying the Teaching Profession: Strategies for Success” provided invaluable insights into evaluating, reimagining, and implementing supportive models for diversifying the teaching profession. The presenters reflected and provided various perspectives to emphasize the importance of having a diverse teaching workforce to support culturally and linguistically diverse students across the United States. Key highlights from the presentation include the importance of providing high-quality instruction for our students, which begins with teachers, leaders, and districts nationwide through excellent lines of work in teacher preparation, professional learning, education policy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion by explaining local and national strategies to diversify the teaching profession.

In this session, the discussion centered on the need to diversify the teaching profession locally and nationally. More specifically, the focus was on the innovative work being done by The Public Education Business Coalition (PEBC) in Colorado, which has a proven track record of successfully reaching and attracting a diverse pool of potential educators across the United States. With a national reach, the PEBC is leading the charge in promoting high-quality instruction by collaborating with teachers, leaders, and districts nationwide. Their work spans various areas, including teacher preparation, professional learning, education policy, diversity, equity, and inclusion. By leveraging their expertise in these areas, the PEBC is helping to create a more inclusive and equitable teaching profession that better reflects the diverse student population in our schools.

Election 2024: Implications of Federal and State Races for Educator Preparation

An #AACTE24 Session Recap and Reflection

The session “Election 2024: Implications of Federal and State Races for Educator Preparation” at the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting provided a comprehensive analysis of the potential impacts of the upcoming elections on educator preparation programs (EPPs). The panel comprised political strategists, policy experts, and representatives from membership organizations, offering diverse perspectives on the subject.

New Documentary Offers Insights for the Future of High School Learning

XQ’s featured session included clips from “The First Class,” a new documentary about a high school in Memphis. The film includes powerful examples of project-based learning.

It was wonderful seeing so many of you at the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting. In keeping with this year’s theme, “Ascending New Heights: Propelling the Profession into the Future,” there were inspiring conversations about how to support and empower educators at a time of tremendous change.

We heard how states are looking at their teacher pipelines post-pandemic — and the need to prepare educators for the continued challenges of absenteeism and learning loss. Speakers addressed the importance of representation and diversity in the profession and the desire to bolster educators to succeed with a whole-child instructional approach.

Promoting Integrity and Social Responsibility in Teacher Education

An #AACTE24 Session Recap and Reflection

The AACTE panel session on “Promoting Integrity and Social Responsibility in Teacher Education” sponsored by The Kern Family Foundation was an enlightening experience, bringing together a diverse panel of educators to discuss innovative strategies and projects aimed at integrating character education and social responsibility into teacher preparation programs.

In this session, speakers from various universities shared their projects and insights on developing character, leadership, and social responsibility among educators and students. Panelists emphasized the importance of integrating character education into teaching practices, not as an additional task but as a foundational aspect (Berkowitz & Bier, 2005). The discussions highlighted successful strategies, such as collaborative partnerships with schools, embedding character into the curriculum, and fostering a learner-focused environment. The session also addressed the challenges educators face today, including the need for support in navigating complex issues and creating inclusive, respectful learning environments.

Competency-Based Education & Teacher Education: Next Steps

An #AACTE24 Session Recap and Reflection

Attending the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting Featured Session, “Competency-Based Education & Teacher Education: Next Steps” provided invaluable insights into reimagining traditional higher education models. The presenters compellingly reasoned how competency-based programs can bolster equity and accessibility by offering flexible, personalized pathways for a diverse range of learners (Patrick, 2021). Key highlights included the backward design process for developing competency-based curricula and the significance of authentic, performance-based assessments.

The session underscored how competency-based education fundamentally shifts the focus to actual student learning and the application of knowledge. As discussed, students progress by demonstrating mastery of real-world teaching competencies, rather than by accumulating seat time or credits (Klein, 2013). This mastery-based approach accommodates individual pacing and learning needs, thereby making teacher licensure more attainable for non-traditional students.

Unveiling the Power of ATLAS at #AACTE24

Get ready to embark on a journey that will transform how you approach teacher preparation. The upcoming AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting is set to feature a hands-on exploration of ATLAS, an online video library by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. In this AACTE Learning Lab, participants will uncover the multitude of ways ATLAS is being utilized by educator preparation programs (EPPs) to enhance teacher candidates’ exposure to effective teaching and cultivate their reflective abilities.  

Cultivating Resiliency in Times of Change: Howard Teibel to Close #AACTE24

Higher education is going through a seismic change — traditional methods are crumbling as the value proposition is increasingly questioned in our public discourse. Student needs are changing, while the ways education and work are delivered are transforming. 

Howard Teibel, president of Teibel Education Consulting, will deliver the closing keynote of the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting on February 18 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. to explore cultivating resiliency as change is at the forefront in educator preparation programs across the nation.

Teibel will pose the questions: What skills enable emotional resiliency that allow us to lead this kind of change effort? How can we best orient faculty, deans, and their colleagues to focus and build this shared commitment?

Unlocking Excellence: Join Us for the “Developing Equity-Centered Principals” Learning Lab at #AACTE24

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all participants of the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting to join us for a pivotal Learning Lab, “Developing Equity-Centered Principals.” In the pursuit of excellence in education, understanding and addressing issues of equity are paramount. This session, scheduled for Saturday, February 17, 2024, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. MST, promises to be a transformative experience for educators, administrators, and anyone passionate about creating inclusive learning environments.

Promoting Integrity and Social Responsibility in Teacher Education at #AACTE24

Join the Kern Family Foundation’s sponsored Featured Session, “Integrity and Social Responsibility in Teacher Education,” on Saturday, February 17 from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Colorado Ballroom B.

Character education and integrity are pivotal aspects of educator education as they form the bedrock of an educator’s professional identity and practice. Integrating character education into educator preparation programs equips future educators with the tools to address complex ethical challenges they may encounter, ultimately contributing to the creation of safe, respectful, and nurturing learning environments. Through their commitment to honesty, empathy, equity, and respect, educators can inspire the next generation to become not only academically proficient but also morally grounded individuals who contribute positively to their communities and society at large.

Celebrate Black History Month at AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting

Black History Month is not merely a reflection on the past; it is a call to action, an opportunity to amplify Black voices and contributions within the realm of education. This year, we extend an enthusiastic invitation to all AACTE members, educators, and education leaders to join us in embracing excellence as we celebrate Black History Month. 

As educator preparation programs (EPPs) that produce our country’s educators and education leaders, we play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the next generation. By actively participating in Black History Month celebrations, we create a space that fosters inclusivity, diversity, and a genuine appreciation for the contributions of Black individuals in educator preparation.  

February is also the month of AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting, with the theme of Ascending New Heights: Propelling the Profession Into the Future.  Part of the work to achieve a future that fully embraces and celebrates a diverse study body is actively participating in the celebration of Black history.  Celebrate and engage with us February 16– 18 at the Annual Meeting events below that feature Black excellence and advocate for inclusive and enriched educational experiences for all.   

This list is not an exhaustive list of all sessions and speakers that represent or are speaking to Black educator preparation topics. For a full list and to plan your experience visit the Annual Meeting 2024 Online Planner.

New Documentary Serves as Powerful Tool for Changing Practice

Join XQ’s Featured Session, Disrupting Conventional Assumptions About High School Learning, on Saturday, February 17, from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. This panel discussion is about “The First Class”—a powerful new documentary about a Memphis high school that highlights the role of educators in transforming teaching and learning. 

We at XQ are honored to participate in AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting, “Ascending New Heights: Propelling the Profession into the Future.” This year’s theme perfectly captures our mission to rethink the high school experience to fully prepare all students for whatever the future holds with more engaging, authentic teaching. 

Our conversations with AACTE and its members reveal a deep, shared vision for high school teaching and learning where adolescents are engaged, motivated, and empowered to develop the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to thrive in our complex and rapidly changing world. In this shared vision, learning connects academic content to the real world and fosters opportunities for students to become makers, creators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers. Good high school teachers remain crucial to this vision — and we also need to rethink how we prepare our educators so they can provide these experiences to their students.