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AACTE Contributes to Senator Sanders’ Education Town Hall

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the new chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, held a Town Hall meeting on February 13 to call for increasing the salaries and supporting policies for the nation’s educators. 

Sen. Sanders was joined by Sen. Edward Markey (D-MA); Becky Pringle, president, National Education Association; Randi Weingarten, president, American Federation of Teachers; and four educators to talk about their experiences in the classroom and why it is critical to increase salaries for educators. AACTE was invited to share videos (see minute 5:23 and 6:40) of students who are being prepared to become teachers at AACTE member institutions.

Countdown to the Annual Meeting with the #AACTE75Days75Ways

AACTE’s 75th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis is only 10 days away. Do you have 75 seconds to spare to advocate for educators?

AACTE invites its members to share their thought leadership in the field of educator advocacy by joining the 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Educators campaign, wrapping up on February 24 during the launch of the Annual Meeting.

Share a tip of 75 seconds or 75 words in the form of a short, recorded video or written tip on how to elevate the role of educators, advance educator preparation, and support educators serving in the field. If you have already shared a tip, please share another!

Get Social with the #AACTE75Days75Ways

Between now and the first day of the 75th Annual Meeting on February 24 in Indianapolis, AACTE encourages you to get social and spread the news on how to support educators and education through the 75 Days | 75 Ways to advocate campaign. Join your colleagues in engaging with the more than 50 tips that have been shared so far on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Hit the like button, leave a comment, share a post, or retweet tips that resonate with you and spread the word.

For information on how to share your tip, visit the AACTE 75 Days | 75 Ways social media toolkit and use the #AACTE75Days75Ways hashtag on your social media timelines.

Educators, We Must Defend AP African American Studies

This article was originally published by Education Week and is reprinted with permission.

Dear Florida Educators,

When I was growing up in Florida and I would hear church folks describe a troubling event that ran afoul of their moral compass, they would say, “it’s just not sitting right with my spirit.” That’s how I’ve been feeling lately when I hear about recent efforts in my home state of Florida to limit academic freedom in higher education; stifle intellectual curiosity in schools; ban books; obliterate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in higher education; and silence the questions of pre-K-12 learners who may be struggling with their gender identity and sexuality.

I was educated in public pre-K-12 schools and graduated from three major Florida universities with my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the area of special education. I’m a former special education teacher who worked in Pinellas, Seminole, and Miami-Dade counties and was a tenure-track faculty member at Florida International University. Yet today, when I think about the education landscape in my home state, I’m grieved that instead of being lauded as a leader in innovation and delivering high-quality, equitable educational opportunities to all learners, Florida is applauded by its governor as “the place where woke goes to die.”

Raise Your Voice: Join AACTE’s 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Educator Preparation

AACTE’s Annual Meeting on Feb. 24-26 in Indianapolis, Indiana, is only one month away. AACTE extends a warm thank you to all of its members lending their voices to the 75 Days | 75 Ways to advocate for educator preparation movement and invites all members to participate so that AACTE can continue to share new advice and inspiration daily for current and future educators.

Celebrate AACTE’s 75 years of leadership in advancing educator preparation by offering a quick tip on how to elevate the teaching profession and student achievement. Last week, AACTE thought leaders provided advice on finding funding and supporting advocacy for the teaching profession.

AACTE’s Annual Meeting is 37 Days Away: Join the 75 Days | 75 Ways Campaign

Approaching the Annual Meeting on February 24 – 26 in Indianapolis, Indiana, AACTE invites members to participate in 75 Days | 75 Ways to advocate for education and educator preparation.

“Educators are our nation’s first responders for democracy. Our primary goal is to improve the lives of students through education,” says AACTE President and CEO Lynn M. Gangone.

Celebrate AACTE’s 75 years of leadership in advancing educator preparation by offering a quick tip on how to elevate the teaching profession.  Leading up to the Annual Meeting, AACTE continues to highlight tips daily from its members to show support for educators and educator preparation through its social media platforms and on the website.

Have You Shared a Way to Support Educators through AACTE’s 75 Days | 75 Ways Campaign?

On January 10, AACTE celebrates the first 30 days of its 75-day campaign sharing successful ways to move education forward — at the local, state, or federal levels.  As an AACTE member, you still have time to join your peers in showing support for educators and be a part of the AACTE 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education campaign, celebrating AACTE’s 75 years of leadership in advancing educator preparation.

AACTE’s 75 Days | 75 Ways Campaign Offers Innovative Ways to Support Educators and Educator Prep in the New Year

AACTE continues its 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education campaign launched in December, a celebration of AACTE members taking a leading role in advancing educator preparation for 75 years.

Recent tips encourage education leaders to consider how to make positive changes in the profession.

“My advice to all educators is to find your way from isolation to collaboration and flexibility by creating teams of teachers with distributed expertise,” said Arizona State University Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Dean Carole Basile, Ed.D.

AACTE’s New Advocacy Campaign is Underway: Members Share Ways to Support Education and Educator Preparation

AACTE is amplifying the voices of its member advocates for education and educator preparation through the AACTE 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education campaign, a celebration of AACTE’s role as a leader in advancing educator preparation for 75 years.

“It is extremely important that we place the needs of students at the center of all we do,” says AACTE Board of Directors Chair-Elect Monika Williams Shealy. “In order to do that, we need to support educators who are advocating on behalf of their students and themselves and we need to make sure that we are advocating for education preparation.”

Countdown to #AACTE75Days75Ways

AACTE is excited to begin sharing the remarkable tips received from its members and colleagues for our 75 Days I 75 Ways advocacy program. This campaign was established in connection with AATCE’s 75th Anniversary and to help raise national awareness of ways to advocate for change that ensures every student has access to an equitable education and highly trained and qualified teachers in their classroom.

AACTE and Education Community Urge Congress to Support EDUCATORS for America Act 

AACTE recently sent a letter to all members of Congress urging them to cosponsor the EDUCATORS for America Act (S 3360/HR 6205), which would invest in and revitalize federal educator preparation programs. These programs are critical to addressing the shortage of profession-ready, fully licensed teachers in our nation’s classrooms. The letter was cosigned by 41 other education groups. 

Join AACTE’s Movement: 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education

With the onset of a new academic year, AACTE is optimistic about the future of the profession as there has been positive movement in policies and legislation that addresses the challenges educators and educator preparation programs face. However, to maintain forward momentum, we must continue to advocate at the local, state, and federal levels.
As an education leader, your voice matters. That’s why I am asking you to participate in AACTE’s 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education campaign. Developed to mark AACTE’s 75th anniversary, the movement centers around raising national awareness of ways to advocate for change that ensures every student has a highly trained and qualified teacher in their classroom and equitable education is available for all learners.