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AACTE and Old Dominion University Webinar: Education Faculty Advising World Nations on COVID-19

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AACTE continues to seek opportunities to support its members in navigating through the unprecedented educational challenges the coronavirus has caused. It is exciting to discover how AACTE members are exploring innovative pathways and solutions to the complex problems and are eager to share with the educator preparation community. Next week, AACTE and Old Dominion University will co-sponsor a 60-minute webinar featuring education faculty advising world nations on COVID-19, Wednesday, April 15 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. The webinar is open to all AACTE members.

Connect Virtually with Peers During the Coronavirus: Share Your Stories

AACTE Responds to COVID-19

Call for Member storiesAACTE is committed to providing opportunities for its members to connect virtually during the coronavirus. One of the several initiatives the Association recently launched to support members in this outbreak is the opportunity to share their stories with the educator preparation community. In fact, AACTE has a dedicated section for “Member Voices” on its new online COVID-19 Resource Hub.

AACTE is currently accepting article submissions from members that address questions such as: What lessons have you learned during the crisis response planning process for your institution? What innovations are your programs using to adapt to the needs of your faculty, staff and students? How has the impact of the coronavirus helped you enhance as an education leader?

Article submissions should also address education topics related to the following categories:


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