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Reimagining In-Person Learning

In this article, Tammy L. Henderson of Lamar University reflects on her experience as an attendee at the first session of the 2021 Leadership Academy Series held August 8. 

Tammy L. HendersonWhile Congress and the National Conference of State Legislators (Smalley, 2021) monitor and update the public on the impact, resources, and policies used to address COVID-19, administrators in educational institutions have their boots on the ground. During the first session of the virtual Leadership Academic Series, When We all Get Together Again: Returning to Campus with New Opportunities, administrators, the essential workers of learning, met to discuss, share, and identify innovations. When disclosing and reimagining ways to promote quality education, health, and overall well-being, participants shared the significance of following policies, negotiating ways to teach and touch base with students, negotiate pathways of safe, sound instructional delivery, and adhering to the requirements of state governors, the Centers for Disease Control, and their administrative leaders. My reflections around self-care and leading with compassion became more profound in my awareness while listening to others. I left the session with a renewed sense of energy and ideas to champion health, innovations in education, and administration innovations for contemporary times.

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