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Lynn M. Gangone

President and CEO, AACTE

AACTE to Launch Inaugural End-of-Year Giving Campaign on #GivingTuesday

For over 75 years, AACTE has led the nation’s thought leaders and practitioners in advancing teacher education. In addressing the ever-growing shortage of qualified educators, AACTE brings together educators, advocates, policymakers, and practitioners to move from theory to action. AACTE does this through advancing curriculum innovation, developing guidelines for teaching apprenticeships, diversifying faculties of colleges of education, and much more.

Now, for the first time, AACTE is adding another group to join us in advancing teacher education by inviting individual donors to be AACTE champions, investing in our work to elevate educator preparation and grow the educator workforce.

Beginning with #GivingTuesday on November 28, AACTE is launching its inaugural End-of-Year Individual Giving Campaign, “The Future of Teacher Education Starts Now.” As an AACTE supporter, you champion the work of an association that remains the leader in advancing a highly qualified and diverse group of educators for our PreK-12 and higher education communities.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to Jacqueline Rodriguez

AACTE is incredibly grateful for Jacqueline Rodriguez’s leadership over the past four years at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). During her tenure, she has well-positioned AACTE and I am grateful for all her vigor, determination, and colleagueship. Jackie has accepted a position as CEO of the National Center for Learning Disabilities and will leave AACTE at this month’s end. While the National Office Team and I are saddened to bid her farewell, I want to make sure to take a moment to thank her for all her service to AACTE.

Jackie joined AACTE in 2018 as the Assistant Vice President and was promoted to Vice President for Research, Policy, and Advocacy in just over two years. In this role, she has led the strategy and content development for the association’s research, programs, professional learning, state and federal policy, and advocacy initiatives. She has also represented AACTE with integrity and grace for many media interviews, helping spread AACTE’s message for advocacy in education and education preparation across the country.

Join AACTE’s Movement: 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education

With the onset of a new academic year, AACTE is optimistic about the future of the profession as there has been positive movement in policies and legislation that addresses the challenges educators and educator preparation programs face. However, to maintain forward momentum, we must continue to advocate at the local, state, and federal levels.
As an education leader, your voice matters. That’s why I am asking you to participate in AACTE’s 75 Days | 75 Ways to Advocate for Education campaign. Developed to mark AACTE’s 75th anniversary, the movement centers around raising national awareness of ways to advocate for change that ensures every student has a highly trained and qualified teacher in their classroom and equitable education is available for all learners. 

Reflecting Back on 2022; Looking Forward to 2023

Greetings! As we are entering the final months of 2022 and AACTE is strategically planning for the year ahead, I wanted to share some prodigious achievements we have made over the year and updates from our recent Board of Directors’ meeting.

Given the scope and scale of the teacher shortage, at the Board of Directors’ meeting, we determined that we should evaluate all current and new opportunities based on whether they will contribute to increasing enrollment in educator preparation programs. We are calling this our “North Star.” The strategic priorities of the association won’t change. Still, we will emphasize the near term on addressing the teacher shortage, understanding that by doing so thoughtfully and carefully, we can advance our priorities in advocacy, DEI, and advancing educator prep policy, practice, and research. I am also pleased that our Strategic Priority, “Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” has been changed to “Prioritizing DEI” because it better reflects AACTE’s emphasis on racial and social justice and equity.

Congratulations Matthew J. Wales

After 16 years of service to the association (for which we are extremely grateful!), Matthew J. Wales will depart AACTE at the end of this month. While at AACTE, Matt engaged with many members through his leadership in Annual Meetings, Leadership Academies, and Washington Weeks, as well as innumerable member engagement activities.

Matt joined the AACTE staff in 2006 as the coordinator for state relations, overseeing state chapter management. In October 2007, he transitioned to the associations’ Meetings and Events team. When promoted to Vice President of Member Services & Events in 2018, Matt provided program management, business development, constituent services and event coordination and implementation expertise to the association’s Membership, Marketing and Communications, and Events team.

AACTE Thanks Volunteers During National Volunteer Week

Thanks you Volunteers!

In honor of National Volunteer Week, I would like to personally thank all volunteers who lend their time and expertise to advancing AACTE. Whether you are on the Board of Directors, a programmatic advisory committee, or volunteer for one of the state affiliates, AACTE is grateful for your service.

Given the challenges facing education and educator preparation, volunteering is no small task on top of your already challenging day jobs. Without your efforts, AACTE could not succeed and move forward as an organization.

In turn, volunteering brings personal and professional rewards and opportunities for you as a member. Why is volunteering for AACTE important? Read the thoughts expressed below by your colleagues Michael E. Dantley, Ed.D., current Board chair, and Liz Kolb, former chair of the Committee on Innovation and Technology.

Innovation Begins with Education: It’s Time We Make it a Priority

This article originally appeared in District Administration and is reprinted with permission.

happy multiracial university students graduationOur nation’s most significant innovations stem from education. From the founding of our nation to the moon landing in 1969, from the introduction of personal computers in 1971 to the advent of the internet in 1983, such accomplishments would not have occurred without education and an educated populace. Without educators we will not continue to innovate, create, and lead the world. We have ignored the dwindling number of people entering the field of education for decades. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of teachers exiting classrooms only continues to increase.

Let’s Work Together to Solve a Growing Demand for Skilled Teachers

A first-grade teacher at Capital City Public Charter School leads a lesson about bee colonies with her students.This article originally appeared in The Hechinger Report.

Long before the pandemic, school districts across the nation struggled to staff classrooms with skilled teachers. The crisis did not create the teacher shortage, but it accelerated teacher retirements and other departures while contributing to declining enrollments in educator preparation programs.

Our nation’s education system spans national, state, district, classroom and community levels. Many rightly wonder if this ecosystem’s demand for qualified teachers can be met in the post-pandemic era.

To do so, we need deeper—and more active—collaborations to address the multiple layers of challenges inside the teaching profession so that we can effectively recruit, train and retain more teachers.

AACTE Wants to Hear from You

Lynn M Gangone

With the 2021-2022 academic year quickly approaching, how are you preparing for in-person, virtual or hybrid teaching and learning settings? Additionally, how are recent, state legislative actions impacting your programs? Your National Office team wants to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and share your feedback with us at

Don’t forget about AACTE’s upcoming 2021 Leadership Academy Series,  2021 Washington Week and 2022 Annual Meeting. Registration for all three events is now open, so secure your spot today!

AACTE Provides Innovative Solutions to Revolutionize Ed Prep

Lynn M. Gangone

AACTE provides interactive tools and innovative solutions to advance educator preparation. Our new initiatives in 2021 support our vision to revolutionize education for all learners. To learn about our newest offerings, please take a few minutes to watch this video.

In just a few weeks, AACTE will kick off its 2021 Leadership Academy Series on August 11, as well as its 2021 Washington Week in September. Registration is open for these events, as well as the 2022 AACTE Annual Meeting, so secure your spot today. I hope to see you there!

AACTE Amplifies Your Voice in Policy Matters

Lynn M. Gangone
AACTE amplifies member voices in policy matters impacting education and educator preparation, and our collective voice is being heard. President Biden recently proposed the American Families Plan, which directly targets investments into educator preparation programs. AACTE supports the proposal and encourages Congress to act. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more about how you can get involved.
Visit the AACTE Advocacy Center for the latest updates at Be sure to renew your AACTE membership by the extended May 31 deadline.

AACTE Urges Members to Advocate for Recovery Aid

Lynn M. Gangone
AACTE is mobilizing our professional community to advocate for funding authorized by the recent American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to aid schools and colleges of education in recovery from the pandemic. AACTE has distributed materials to begin the advocacy work in this area and will continue to provide members with resources and tools. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and learn more about how you can get involved.
Stay tuned to the AACTE Advocacy Center for updates at Be sure to renew your AACTE membership by the extended May 31 deadline.

Join AACTE in Revolutionizing Education for All Learners

Lynn M. Gangone
Happy spring! As PK-12 and higher education institutions proceed with reopening post-pandemic, AACTE continues its work to build education back better. We recently published new research on both AACTE’s vision to “revolutionize education for all learners” and promising solutions to recruiting and retaining male teachers of color. Please take a few minutes to watch the video and learn more about these and other initiatives.
Stay connected with AACTE for the latest resources, tools, and information to address the issues facing our profession today. Visit to access these benefits and renew your AACTE membership by the extended deadline. 
Cheers to doing what matters,

The Education Ecosystem Crisis

Blackboard with word crisis crossed out and opprtunity written below.

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AACTE President and CEO Lynn M. Gangone and Daniel A. Domenech, executive director of AASA, The School Superintendents Association, authored this article that originally appeared in the District Administration and is reprinted with permission.

CEO Lynn M. Gangone and Daniel A. DomenecOur nation’s education ecosystem is complex and multifaceted. When one component of the ecosystem is impacted, it creates a ripple effect that is felt throughout the entire system. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic created a tidal wave of uncertainties, resulting in budget cuts, teacher shortages, and remote learning challenges.

An ongoing concern for school districts, teacher shortages have now become more severe. Teachers are leaving the profession at an accelerated rate, due primarily to health concerns and budget furloughs, and forcing superintendents to close schools not because of infection, but due to a lack of personnel to keep them open. The shortage also expands beyond teachers. It includes bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, and essential support staff. Such reductions, caused by budget cuts resulting from the pandemic, are having a crippling effect upon school districts, and increased operational costs are eroding critical funds necessary to hire the staff desperately needed for in-school instruction.

AACTE Statement on Racist Attacks Against Asian Americans

On behalf of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), President and CEO Lynn M. Gangone issued the following statement today responding to recent hate crimes toward the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community:

“AACTE believes that to educate is to enlighten. As such, our Association remains committed to educating all learners in PK-12 and higher education institutions to enlighten and empower the next generation of citizens. As an educational association of colleges and universities that values the diversity of students, their families, and educators, AACTE condemns the escalation of violence and harassment toward our AAPI colleagues, students, and friends.