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Guy Trainin

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AACTE Members Discuss Advancements in AI and Ed Prep

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have opened up a world of possibilities in various fields, including education. On May 23, AACTE’s Committee on Innovation & Technology hosted the webinar, “An Introduction to Using AI Tools in Educator Preparation Programs,” that explored the fundamentals of generative AI and its potential to revolutionize learning. The speaker panel was moderated by the committee’s co-chair, Rachel Karchmer-Klein. Panelists included Punya Mishra (Arizona State University), Eleazar Vasquez III (University of Central Florida), and Marie Heath (Loyola University), who discussed the ethical considerations, personalized learning, and the transformative impact of AI in education.

Generative AI, as explained by Mishra, involves the use of machine learning algorithms to generate new content in various formats. However, the complex nature of these AI systems means even their creators cannot fully understand how they work. He stressed the importance of recognizing generative AI as a social technology and setting clear boundaries to ensure responsible implementation.

AACTE Tech Committee Joins Fall Summit, Plans Preconference Symposium for #AACTE18

group photo of aacte committee on innovation and technology
Members of AACTE’s Committee on Innovation and Technology at the 2017 National Technology Leadership Summit in Washington, DC

AACTE and its Committee on Innovation and Technology (I&T) are committed to being a leading voice in the preparation of educators to integrate technology within teaching and learning. The latest examples of this commitment include active participation in the 2017 National Technology Leadership Summit (NTLS) and plans for a preconference symposium at the 2018 AACTE Annual Meeting.

AACTE hosted the 18th annual NTLS September 28-29 at the Association’s headquarters building in Washington, DC. AACTE President/CEO Lynn M. Gangone welcomed NTLS attendees, acknowledging the importance of the work to be done during the summit. Six members of the I&T committee attended the event, including Chair Arlene Borthwick (National Louis University, IL), Jon Clausen (Ball State University, IN), Elizabeth Finsness (Minnesota State University-Mankato), Charles Hodges (Georgia Southern University), Lara Luetkehans (Indiana University of Pennsylvania), and Guy Trainin (University of Nebraska-Lincoln).