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Promoting Integrity and Social Responsibility in Teacher Education

An #AACTE24 Session Recap and Reflection

The AACTE panel session on “Promoting Integrity and Social Responsibility in Teacher Education” sponsored by The Kern Family Foundation was an enlightening experience, bringing together a diverse panel of educators to discuss innovative strategies and projects aimed at integrating character education and social responsibility into teacher preparation programs.

In this session, speakers from various universities shared their projects and insights on developing character, leadership, and social responsibility among educators and students. Panelists emphasized the importance of integrating character education into teaching practices, not as an additional task but as a foundational aspect (Berkowitz & Bier, 2005). The discussions highlighted successful strategies, such as collaborative partnerships with schools, embedding character into the curriculum, and fostering a learner-focused environment. The session also addressed the challenges educators face today, including the need for support in navigating complex issues and creating inclusive, respectful learning environments.