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Competency-Based Education & Teacher Education: Next Steps

An #AACTE24 Session Recap and Reflection

Attending the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting Featured Session, “Competency-Based Education & Teacher Education: Next Steps” provided invaluable insights into reimagining traditional higher education models. The presenters compellingly reasoned how competency-based programs can bolster equity and accessibility by offering flexible, personalized pathways for a diverse range of learners (Patrick, 2021). Key highlights included the backward design process for developing competency-based curricula and the significance of authentic, performance-based assessments.

The session underscored how competency-based education fundamentally shifts the focus to actual student learning and the application of knowledge. As discussed, students progress by demonstrating mastery of real-world teaching competencies, rather than by accumulating seat time or credits (Klein, 2013). This mastery-based approach accommodates individual pacing and learning needs, thereby making teacher licensure more attainable for non-traditional students.

The Power of Intersectionality: Black LGBTQIA+ Men Reshaping the Narrative in Religious and Educational Settings

My research is centered around identity and belonging. Specifically, how Black men identifying as members of the LGBTQIA+ community navigate religious and educational settings firmly rooted in oppressive heteronormative structures. Both religious and educational institutions are built around heteronormative principles that implicitly value and presuppose heterosexuality. Within heteronormative religious and educational spaces, many are confronted with feelings of isolation and alienation.

The presence of homophobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination fosters a hostile environment that marginalizes and excludes individuals like me. The weight of societal expectations, urging conformity, and the concealment of my true self, have resulted in internal conflict, mental health challenges, and a profound sense of disconnection. Nevertheless, I have refused to allow these obstacles to define me. Instead, I have discovered resilience within myself and actively sought out supportive networks, including LGBTQIA+ student organizations, allies, and inclusive educators who have offered me a vital sense of belonging and understanding.