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Alan H. Jones

Executive Secretary, California Council on Teacher Education

CCTE Hosts July 15 Webinar: Building a Pipeline for Black Male Teacher Success

California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE)

At the start of June of this year, the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) released a “Statement on Anti-Black Racism” in which we committed to: 

  • Continuing to work on unlearning the impact of anti-Blackness and racism in our own lives and practices and holding one another accountable;
  • Listening to and using what privilege we may have to advocate for and with our Black colleagues, Black students, and Black people in our lives;
  • Supporting policies and actively working to diversify teaching and teacher education; and,
  • Finding ways to respect, highlight, and learn from the work of Black students, educators, and teacher educators. 

On July 15, from 1:00-2:30 p.m., we invite our teacher and teacher educator community to a webinar which will help us take action on these commitments by focusing on “Building a Pipeline for Black Male Teacher Success.” From K-12 through teacher education programs and into schools, we are losing too many Black male students and (potential) Black male educators who would be excellent teachers and role models for all students in California.

California Programs Developing Next Generation of Teacher Educators

The California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) has for several decades viewed the preparation of new teacher educators to be among its most important responsibilities. Semiannual CCTE conferences have always been open and welcoming to graduate students and newly hired teacher education faculty. In recent years, however, the organization, which has served as the California state chapter of AACTE since a merger with the California Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in 2000, has created more purposeful programs to recruit and mentor future teacher educators.

California Chapter Uses AACTE Grant to Boost Research

Last spring, the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) received an AACTE State Chapter Support Grant to fund a “Quest for Research on Teacher Education” to engage local scholars and broaden the knowledge base in California and nationally. I am delighted to report that the Quest program is achieving its goals, as well as unanticipated benefits, which will pay dividends for years to come.

Before the Quest program, CCTE’s commitment to encourage and support research on teacher education already took many forms. We sponsor two high-quality scholarly journals devoted to publication of quantitative and qualitative studies; hold semiannual conferences that include numerous concurrent research presentations and poster sessions; offer support programs for new faculty and graduate students, which include participation in the research and poster sessions at our conferences; and collaborate with Division K of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) on a national committee focusing on research in teacher education policy, which schedules a special open session on research topics at the annual AERA meetings.