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AACTE Offers Livestream Program to California and Washington State Faculty

AACTE is well aware that some states have banned their employees from work travel to Indiana due to its policies. To assist state college and university faculty who are impacted by the travel ban but would like to be part of the 2023 Annual Meeting, AACTE is offering a livestream option. This special programming is exclusively available to those affiliated with public institutions in California and Washington.

Explore Indy’s Diverse Culture with a Local at #AACTE23

Register Today for Two Preconference Tours

Attendance at the AACTE 75th Annual Meeting demonstrates your advocacy in educator preparation — and your priority in serving institutions with goals to support and increase diverse educators, equity in access to high-quality instructional environments, and the inclusion of all students in PK-20 classrooms. 
Before you arrive to Indy, be sure to register for two pre-conference activities, as well as a special opening session on Saturday about the importance of supporting intellectual freedom in the classroom.
Preconference programs, open to members and nonmembers, and tours are not included in the AACTE Annual Meeting pricing. Preregistration and an additional fee are required to participate. If you’ve already registered for the conference and would like to register for a preconference activity, contact the registration team at

Emerging Scholars Consider the Impact of Academic Censorship at #AACTE23 Saturday Keynote Session

There is a growing trend by state lawmakers to propose and, in some cases, pass legislation that censors and penalizes K-12 and higher education teachers and faculty members, as well as educational leaders in both sectors. It is vital for the educator preparation community to support intellectual freedom as a core component of a democratic society and oppose the censorship of content and knowledge that would disallow educators to promote empathy and engage students in positive inquiry into social issues.

Given AACTE’s unique role in bridging K-12 and higher education,  our future leaders — scholars and practitioners in colleges of education and school districts — have been invited to explore, from their perspective and experience, the impact of this burgeoning state and national movement on who they are as educators and what they see as the effect on our profession.

Get Social with the #AACTE75Days75Ways

Between now and the first day of the 75th Annual Meeting on February 24 in Indianapolis, AACTE encourages you to get social and spread the news on how to support educators and education through the 75 Days | 75 Ways to advocate campaign. Join your colleagues in engaging with the more than 50 tips that have been shared so far on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Hit the like button, leave a comment, share a post, or retweet tips that resonate with you and spread the word.

For information on how to share your tip, visit the AACTE 75 Days | 75 Ways social media toolkit and use the #AACTE75Days75Ways hashtag on your social media timelines.

AACTE Launches Online Community for #AACTE23 Attendees

AACTE Connect360The Annual Meeting is AACTE’s most innovative and collaborative event of the year, and it’s only weeks away. This year, as we gather together to celebrate AACTE’s 75th anniversary, attendees may access the Annual Meeting online community to discuss research, ask questions, and connect with other attendees.

AACTE encourages all attendees to take a moment and connect with other advocates who are passionate about education preparation.

Attend the #AACTE23 Closing Session: Deepen Learning through Interactive Classroom Discussions

Engaging classroom discussions have been found to deepen learning, create community, and help students along their academic path. It has also been credited with building more democratic learning environments that are broadly inclusive and enhancing student learning. Contrary to this evidence, researchers find there are few high-quality discussions in most classrooms across the educational landscape. What might we do to ensure that students in PK-12 and higher education experience both discussion for learning and learning to discuss?

Join this pertinent closing session at the Annual Meeting with Diana E. Hess, dean of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, who will describe what she and colleagues are learning from The Discussion Project — a professional development program designed to help instructors build the knowledge and skills needed to teach their students how to engage in rich and inclusive discussions.

Experience the Best of Indy at the 75th Annual Meeting

This year, as attendees arrive in Indianapolis to celebrate the kick-off of AACTE’s 75th Anniversary on February 24 – 26, they will find that it’s the perfect city for nature lovers, cultural connoisseurs, and urban adventurers. Take a look at Visit Indy and browse through the city’s offerings —  including the newest events happening while you’re in town — and experience Indy like a local.

Book Your Stay at the Indianapolis Marriott

After a 15-minute cab ride from the airport, you’ll arrive at the Indianapolis Marriott, a stunning hotel conveniently situated in the city’s buzzing downtown area and a short walk to the JW Marriott. Explore over 200 restaurants within a four-block radius, relax in a variety of fresh new spaces to connect with fellow attendees, and enjoy easy access to AACTE events — including pre-conferences and a Saturday reception onsite.

#AACTE23 Opening Session Features an Intergenerational Conversation with Renowned Scholars

Nationally renowned scholars Gloria Ladson-Billings and James D. Anderson will share their remarkable personal journeys and discuss advances in educator preparation during the upcoming Annual Meeting opening session. Join AACTE and gain new insights that exemplify AACTE’s mission to revolutionize education for all learners during this fireside chat format.

This intergenerational conversation and knowledge transfer will include Lin Wu, the 2022 recipient of AACTE’s Outstanding Dissertation Award, and will be moderated by Leslie T. Fenwick, AACTE dean in residence.

Get a First Look at #AACTE23: Annual Meeting Session Topics

The Annual Meeting is AACTE’s most innovative and collaborative event of the year. This year, as we gather together to celebrate AACTE’s 75th anniversary, attendees will have opportunities to discuss research, explore innovations, and plan action through a range of sessions under five targeted strands:

  1. Addressing the Evolving Needs of Education
  2. Increasing Diversity through Equitable Access and Inclusivity
  3. Confronting Challenges to Strengthen Educator Preparation
  4. Collaborating for a Greater Impact
  5. Meeting the Challenges of Educator Preparation with Educational Technology

Take a first look at the nearly 200 session topics by strands — case stories, data to action, future forecasting, individual paper sessions, perspectives, and roundtables — by presenters from around the country.

Register for Preconference Sessions at #AACTE23

Get a Head Start with Character Development Workshop and Indy Walking Tours

Registration is now open for the preconference workshops at the 2023 AACTE 75th Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on February 23 – 24. Preconference sessions are fee-based events that provide in-depth discussions, deliver knowledge, and link participants with a community of learners who share common interests.

This year, AACTE is pleased to offer half-day preconferences ($49), full-day preconferences ($99), and special tours (pricing below).

Limited seating is available, so register today for these interactive events. Arrive early to discuss issues with peers who share similar academic and research interests on complex education challenges and solutions.

Connect, Advocate, and Innovate at #AACTE23

Register by January 6 to lock in the lowest rate.

Educator preparation advocates are invited to join peers and be among the nation’s thought leaders at the 2023 AACTE Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on February 24–26. Join us in exploring the latest research and practices to ensure a bright future for all learners.

Now is the time to reserve your spot at #AACTE23! Time is running out before prices increase — get the lowest rate by Friday, January 6.

Not an AACTE member? Join AACTE today.

Register for #AACTE23: Attend the Premier Educator Preparation Meeting

Beat the Price Increase and Register by January 6

Are you ready to join your peers at the AACTE 75th Annual Meeting and be among the nation’s leading thought leaders exploring the latest research and practices in revolutionizing education for all learners? Now is the time to reserve your spot at the largest professional gatherings for the educator preparation field. Register by the January 6 to take advantage of the early bird savings.

Announcing #AACTE23 Schedule and New Early Registration Date

Schedule Now Available for #AACTE23

The Annual Meeting is a world-class experience and AACTE’s most exciting event of the year – and this year, you’ll have the unique and memorable experience of celebrating 75 years at the 2023 Annual Meeting, February 24 – 26 in Indianapolis.

The early bird registration has been extended to January 6, 2023. Register early to take advantage of the early bird rate.

The #AACTE23 meeting attracts leaders, professionals, and students from across the country — drawing upon all the disciplines that make up the educator preparation field. This year, you can expect more options for professional development and educational opportunities at the Learning Lab and Deeper Dive sessions, as well as tours, networking events, and receptions to connect with your peers. Check out the current schedule of events.

Countdown to #AACTE75Days75Ways

AACTE is excited to begin sharing the remarkable tips received from its members and colleagues for our 75 Days I 75 Ways advocacy program. This campaign was established in connection with AATCE’s 75th Anniversary and to help raise national awareness of ways to advocate for change that ensures every student has access to an equitable education and highly trained and qualified teachers in their classroom.

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