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Volunteer for an AACTE Programmatic Advisory Committee — Nominate by May 31

Have you considered volunteering for a leadership position in AACTE? Now is a great time to volunteer and lend your talent and expertise to one of AACTE’s programmatic advisory committees. Nominations are due by May 31.

Educator preparation is an essential element for all learners and advancing the profession is among the Association’s highest priorities. AACTE is at the center of efforts to ensure that all students receive the expert instruction and support they need and deserve. 

“The Association’s heart lies in its members. It’s important for individual members to step up and serve on AACTE committees to keep that heart beating strong,” said Christine Gentry, Ph.D., chair of AACTE’s Government Relations and Advocacy Committee. “It’s clear that AACTE values its members’ input and takes our ideas and recommendations seriously. Serving on an AACTE committee allows us to share our ideas and recommendations directly, with leadership and with each other.”

AACTE is seeking volunteers to serve on the following programmatic advisory committees

  • Educator Diversity: This committee advises the AACTE staff and Board on diversity trends, issues, and programming for educator preparation faculty and candidates.

  • Global Diversity: This committee is charged with fostering the development of quality teaching and professional education practices that promote diversity, equity, and global perspectives that advance the preparation of world-class educators responsive to all learners. 
  • Government Relations and Advocacy: This committee is charged with supporting AACTE and its membership in its advocating for the profession. 

  • Holmes Program: The purpose of the Holmes Program Advisory Committee is to advise the AACTE staff and Board of Directors on the implementation and expansion of the Holmes Program.

  • Innovation and Technology: This committee is charged with developing the Association’s classroom reform and technology agendas related to PK-12 and postsecondary education. 
  • Meetings and Professional Development: This committee is charged with recommending and supporting professional development activities that strengthen member programs and build their capacity to prepare educators who can teach every child effectively. 

  • Membership Outreach and Engagement: This committee is charged with advising AACTE around member recruitment and retention, including ongoing attention to dues structures and membership categories that best meet the needs of the Association.

  • Research and Dissemination: This committee advises and assists the Association in promoting and sharing research that enhances educator preparation, contributes to the professional narrative, and strengthens the field’s and Association’s ability to inform policy and practice. 

“Serving on the AACTE Global Diversity Committee has given me an opportunity to learn from my colleagues across institutions who are engaged in this work and are making a difference,” Novea McIntosh, co-chair of the Global Diversity Committee, said. “We have created a community as equity advocates disrupting the status quo by finding liberating practices and partnerships to engage in the global education ecosystem.”


All faculty, staff, and administrators from member institutions are eligible to serve on a programmatic advisory committee. Members may not serve on more than one programmatic advisory committee at the same time. 

Self-nominations are accepted. The nominator and nominee must be from current AACTE member institutions.

Timing and Commitment 

Committee appointments will be approved by the AACTE Board of Directors in early fall. Those appointed will serve a three-year term beginning March 1, 2025. Committees typically meet once in person during the AACTE Annual Meeting and virtually during the remainder of the year.  

The call for nominations closes May 31, 2024.

View the nomination form to start an application for a standing committee.

For more information, contact Janae Blanscet at jblanscet@aacte.org.

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