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JTE Co-Editors Reflect on 75 Years of Journal in Video

The Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) turns 75 in 2025. Now celebrating its 75th year of publication, JTE’s co-editors Cheryl J. Craig, Ph.D., and Valerie Hill-Jackson, Ed.D., sit down in a video discussion and reflect on its history and future. The duo also unpacks three special issues for Volume 75 on perennial issues in teacher education, family-school-community engagement, and a curated tranche of articles that nod to revolutionary research and leadership in teacher education. 

“There’s a feeling of accomplishment in getting this far,” Craig said. “We have to be resilient because our context is so contested.”

Hill-Jackson notes that teacher educators, P-12 teachers and administrators, and others in higher education like administrators and researchers all have a voice within JTE.

“We all have a place at the JTE table — we hope that others will see that this is a form that is not limited to the high-brow scholars,” Hill-Jackson said. “If we are going to be respectful of our historical roots, we have to ensure that there is a place for this multi-voice form.”

Hill-Jackson reflected on the growth in the publication, where editors used to receive about 400 manuscripts in the year 2000 — compared to the more than 1,000 manuscripts that make their way to JTE editors each year, with a 3 – 4% acceptance rate, which speaks to the quality of the content that is accepted into the publication’s issues.

JTE readers can expect topics on family, schools, and communities with another issue focused on the future of teacher education from deans and AACTE Holmes Scholar perspectives.

“I think JTE is about cultivating teachers who are really teachers,” Craig said.

Watch the 7-minute sneak peek video. AACTE members have online access to the JTE.