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Deadline Extended to June 14 — Volunteer for an AACTE Programmatic Committee

AACTE has extended the deadline to apply for a Programmatic Advisory Committee. This is a great chance to lend your talent and expertise to one of AACTE’s committees. Nominations are now due June 14, 2024. 

AACTE is seeking volunteers to serve on the following programmatic advisory committees: 

  • Educator Diversity 
  • Global Diversity 
  • Government Relations and Advocacy 
  • Holmes Program 
  • Innovation and Technology 
  • Meetings and Professional Development 
  • Membership Outreach and Engagement 
  • Research and Dissemination 

In a recent Q&A session, AACTE asked current PAC members about their experiences serving in volunteer leadership roles within the Association. 

What motivated you to volunteer for an AACTE committee? 

Tori Colson, Ed.D., of the Meetings and Professional Development committee, responded, “I wanted to seek out leadership opportunities within a national organization, and AACTE seemed like a good fit for me. I have experience with conferences and programming with other organizations, and this committee aligned with my area of expertise and interest.” 

What has been your most rewarding experience as a committee member? 

Kandi Hill-Clarke, Ed.D., of the Educator Diversity committee, responded, “Having the opportunity to learn from, lean on, and connect with colleagues from across the country. Serving on the PACED and Leadership Academy committees has been such a fulfilling, rewarding, and meaningful experience, and I look forward to continuing to serve.” 

Why is volunteering to serve on an AACTE committee important?  
“I have been able to engage with important issues in teacher preparation while ensuring members have access to current and impactful information,” said Michael Putman, Ph.D., of the Global Diversity Committee. “As an advisory board for AACTE’s Global Diversity initiatives, we provide valuable counsel as the organization seeks to influence and impact the field.”   

Volunteering for an AACTE programmatic advisory committee is a unique opportunity to contribute to the advancement of educator preparation on a national level. By lending expertise, AACTE members can help shape the future of education while gaining valuable professional experiences and connections.  

View the nomination form to start an application for a standing committee and submit your nomination by June 14, 2024.  

For more information, contact Janae Blanscet at jblanscet@aacte.org.   

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