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Why AACTE’s Leadership Academy is Essential for Professional Development

In the ever-changing landscape of higher education, navigating the complexities of leadership demands more than just expertise in pedagogy; it requires strategic vision, effective communication, and adept decision-making. Recognizing this, AACTE’s Leadership Academy is a cornerstone for empowering educator preparation academic leaders —  deans, department chairs, and other administrators — to thrive in their unique roles.

Join AACTE June 18–20 in Cleveland, OH, where Leadership Academy will accelerate personal and professional growth, offering members a unique opportunity to hone their skills, collaborate with peers, and find solace in shared experiences. The New Deans Academy is open to those with less than three or less years of experience in their role and will be held on June 17.

One attendee from last year’s program encapsulated the essence of the Leadership Academy, stating “The key component is having dedicated time and space with academic leaders to process ideas and areas of concern. I felt less alone in my work after participating. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with my peers in the academy.”

Through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions led by educator preparation leaders from across the nation, attendees gain invaluable insights into leadership best practices, innovative strategies, and emerging trends.

Moreover, the academy fosters a vibrant community of practice where attendees can engage in meaningful dialogue, share experiences, and forge lasting connections within the educator preparation community. The collaborative environment nurtures a sense of camaraderie and support, enabling participants to draw inspiration from one another and leverage collective wisdom to overcome challenges.

Preview the Leadership Academy program, register to secure your spot, and book your hotel room before May 24 to secure early bird rates.

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