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U.S. Department of Education Announces $25 Million Teacher Quality Partnership Program Competition  

On April 4, 2024, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) announced a Notice Inviting Applications (NIA) for the Teacher Quality Partnership program (TQP) in the Federal Register. This NIA will close on June 3, 2024.  

The Department plans to award approximately $25 million to eligible partnerships to support high-quality teacher preparation and professional development for prospective teachers and school leaders. TQP funds teacher preparation programs at the undergraduate or “fifth-year” level (Pre-Baccalaureate Models); and teaching residency programs for individuals new to teaching with strong academic and professional backgrounds (Residency Models). This NIA also includes two leadership priorities.   

The Pre-Baccalaureate Model requires that an eligible partnership carry out an effective pre-baccalaureate teacher preparation program or a fifth-year initial licensing program that reforms all or an identified part of the institutions of higher education’s teacher preparation program.        

The Residency Model calls for the recruitment and training of diverse candidates who can meet the needs of partner high-need districts and provide compensation to residents in exchange for a three-year teaching commitment which helps to promote teacher retention. 

Additionally, the leadership priorities provide an opportunity for applicants to carry out an effective school leadership program that will prepare individuals enrolled or preparing to enroll in those programs for careers as superintendents, principals, early childhood education program directors, or other school leaders (including individuals preparing to work in local educational agencies located in rural areas who may perform multiple duties in addition to the role of a school leader).    

This competition also includes four competitive priorities. These competitive priorities are the following: 

  • Increasing Educator Diversity, 
  • Supporting a Diverse Educator Workforce and Professional Growth to Strengthen Student Learning,  
  • Meeting Student Social, Emotional, and Academic Needs, and 
  • Promoting Equity in Student Access to Educational Resources and Opportunities. 

In addition, the notice includes two invitational priorities: Partnership Grants for the Establishment of Grow Your Own Programs and Registered Apprenticeship Programs for K-12 Teachers and Supporting Early Elementary Educators and School Leaders. 

The Department recognizes the value of supporting educators and is committed to providing resources and opportunities that advance innovations and improvements for the educator pipeline. If you have any questions about the TQP competition, please send your questions to TQPartnership@ed.gov.  You may also review the additional resources provided on the TQP webpage.