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Shifting from Preparing to Sustaining a Teacher Workforce

2024 AACTE Featured Session Reflection

The “Shifting from Preparing to Sustaining a Teacher Workforce” session provided participants with a project overview of shifting from preparing to sustaining a teacher workforce. The Teacher Educational Global Learning Futures Collaborative (TEGLFC) presentation addressed the need to globally connect educators to “visualize new futures for education.” The panel presented an innovative team-based model that provides all students with a “deeper and personalized learning” by developing expert teams of educators and improving ways that will empower educators as they enter the profession.  TEGLFC invites teacher preparation programs, as well as students, to join this cooperative venture which will serve as a network to “leverage the collective power of teacher preparation programs across the globe.”

Team-based models

According to the panel, “Teacher preparation programs are uniquely positioned to influence change in the workforce environment their graduates are entering.” To positively influence changes in the workforce, the TEGLFC examined the current teaching workforce concerns and proposed future initiatives that would sustain and support teachers.  The team-based model, presented by the panel included some of the current issues in education including “teacher burnout, staffing shortages, unexpected resignations.” The team-based model also presented the next steps that addressed, “educator autonomy, diverse workforce and pathways, and less novice teacher isolation.”

The panel shared how the project will globally connect educators through Possible Educational Futures Labs (PEFLs).  This structure provides opportunities for educators to “engage in projects and share their work.” PEFLs also encourage educators to actively engage in problem-solving and creative thinking. 

As a former classroom teacher, several of the initiatives, shared by the panel, resonated with me.  I agree, it is necessary to create a space for teachers, especially novice teachers, to actively collaborate, share their work, and share their ideas. TEGLFC connects and groups expertise skills to create global networking opportunities.  I am interested in knowing more about the time commitment, and the semi-structured framework. 

Moving beyond preparation to sustaining the teacher workforce is an important and necessary work. The session addressed educator concerns as well as provided a working solution. The panelist highlighted the need to shift our thinking, move beyond preparation, and move forward to sustaining educators.   

Kimberly Lawson is a Ph.D. candidate at Texas Woman’s University and an AACTE Holmes Scholar.


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