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AACTE Celebrates Arab American Heritage Month

We invite you to join AACTE in celebrating Arab American Heritage Month. This annual observance is a significant opportunity to recognize and honor the vibrant heritage and invaluable contributions of Arab Americans in our schools and communities.  There are an estimated 3.7 million Arab Americans in the U.S.; however, schools are often unable to identify students who are Arab American because they are classified as White by the United States Census Bureau (SPLC Learning For Justice, 2021).

We encourage AACTE members to ensure candidates are prepared to teach and honor the rich diversity of Arab American history and culture, using our Top Ten Resources for Educators and Advocates, which highlights the wealth of knowledge and expertise available to support Arab American students, educators, and communities. 

AACTE’s Top Ten Resources for Educators and Advocates

  1. Arab American National Museum Resources for educators
  2. Resources for educators and families from MAEC
  3. National Arab American Heritage Month Educators Guide
  4. Teach Mideast for students and educators
  5. PBS Documentaries celebrating diversity and history of Arab American communities
  6. 9 Ways to Support Students During Ramadan
  7. A Teacher’s Guide to Ramadan + Eid
  8. A Guide to Arab American Heritage Month Created by Arab Youth
  9. Arab American Institute for Policy and Advocacy
  10. Smithsonian Arab American Heritage Month resources

Additionally, we invite AACTE members to contribute to our celebration by sharing their insights and experiences through blog posts. Your diverse perspectives, whether reflecting on pivotal moments in your personal journey or exploring the landscape of Arab American leadership in education preparation, are invaluable. By amplifying voices and experiences within our AACTE community, we strive to foster greater inclusion and representation in the field of educator preparation, empowering educators, and advocates to create more equitable and culturally responsive learning environments for all.

If you would like to author a blog, email Nicole Dunn, director of Strategic Initiatives & Equity Programs.

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