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Journal of Teacher Education Volume 75 Issue 2 Available Now

Volume 75 Issue 2 of the Journal of Teacher Education (JTE 75.2) is now available online. This volume marks the 75th publication year of JTE, which prompted authors Valerie Hill-Jackson, Ed.D., and Cheryl J. Craig, Ph.D.,  to share the historical timeline of the editors’ terms in an editorial, “Where the Good Ideas Are’: 75 Years of the Journal of Teacher Education.”  

The editorial details the story of how the myriad of editors for the Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) safeguarded a space to highlight ideas essential to research of preservice and in-service teacher education within an ever-changing global context for nearly 75 years.  

The issue dives into the editorship over the last century and the challenges faced by JTE in those eras that Hill-Jackson and Craig divide into four categories: competency, reformation, legitimization, and resilience. 

“The ideas we carry are products of the world around us — journal editors notwithstanding. Examining the succession of JTE editors conveys a story of the educational history in the United States specifically, and the world more broadly,” said the authors.  

To learn more about the content in this issue of the journal and its current editorial, visit aacte.org 

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