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Empower Your Teacher Candidates to Observe Classrooms Like A Pro Using ATLAS

Are you looking to elevate your teaching practice to new heights? Look no further than ATLAS — the ultimate resource for educator preparation professionals.  More than 200 institutions utilize ATLAS, a resource created by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards. As a member of AACTE, you have the exclusive opportunity to access ATLAS at a discounted rate of 20% on both individual and institutional subscriptions — but time is running out. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer, as the discount expires June 30.

Authentic Teaching Insights

ATLAS is not your ordinary resource — it is a treasure trove of authentic video cases showcasing National Board-Certified Teachers in action. With over 1,400 meticulously curated video cases spanning subjects, grades, and school settings, ATLAS provides a comprehensive view of effective teaching practices. Each case features an unedited 15-minute video clip and the teacher’s written commentary, offering insights into lesson planning, execution, and student impact. 

Aligned with National Frameworks and Standards:

ATLAS cases are indexed to nine national frameworks and standards, allowing educators to witness these frameworks come to life in real classrooms. From National Board Standards to Next Generation Science Standards, ATLAS provides a tangible connection between theory and practice. Additionally, ATLAS Resources include guides, prompts, and templates to facilitate a deeper examination of teaching and learning processes.

Informative Webinar by Cam McComb, Ph.D.

Learn more about how ATLAS can meet the needs of ed prep faculty and teacher candidates. Watch an informative webinar hosted by Cam McComb, Ph.D., associate professor at AACTE member institution Eastern Michigan University. McComb shares insights into utilizing ATLAS to support preservice art teachers in developing a pedagogical mindset. Learn more about her approach and watch the webinar.

Next Steps:

Ready to take advantage of this exclusive AACTE member discount? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Want to Try ATLAS for free? Visit the ATLAS Website: Sign up for a 30-day free trial to experience the power of ATLAS firsthand.
  2. Ready for a Quote? Contact their team to obtain a price quote tailored to your institution’s needs via email atlas@nbpts.org or by filling out an ATLAS Quote Request Form.  To access your AACTE member discount, be sure to select AACTE when asked, “How did you hear about ATLAS?”