AACTE Unveils Coaching Initiative

Invest in your Leadership Efficacy


In a dynamic era of higher education innovation, the importance of effective leadership within educator preparation programs (EPPs) cannot be overstated. Recognizing this imperative, AACTE unveils its new coaching program. AACTE Coaching is a visionary platform designed to foster professional growth among program leaders.  

This initiative represents a pioneering endeavor, connecting educators with invaluable opportunities to glean insights, strategies, and mentorship aimed at elevating their leadership experiences. Through this program, AACTE reaffirms its commitment to advancing excellence in educator preparation, empowering leaders to navigate the complexities of their roles with confidence and efficacy. 

The program begins with a cohort model, allowing clients to develop their skills with their coach and colleagues with similar goals. The 2024 cohorts are as follows: 

2024 Cohorts: July-December

Coaching Focus  This Cohort Is Best For 
Deans, Department Chairs, and Senior Leaders  Deans, department chairs, and senior leaders who identify as people of color, regardless of career experience 
Working with Difficult Faculty  Deans, department chairs, and senior leaders experiencing challenging faculty dynamics or who want to learn how to navigate this for the future.  
New Deans, Department Chairs, and Senior Leaders  Early career (0-2 years) deans, department chairs, and senior leaders. 

Each cohort will meet monthly from July to December 2024. In addition to virtual coaching, clients will receive three hours of private coaching and 24/7 support through the forthcoming Coaching Community on Connect360. 

There will also be a Coaching Academy held at the AACTE 2025 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA, where cohort members can meet their coaches in person, network with peers across cohorts, and discuss challenges and triumphs during a half-day event. 

Make the choice today and embark on a journey of transformative leadership with AACTE Coaching.  

For more information visit the AACTE Coaching webpage or contact me at sbaker@aacte.org. 

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