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New Data Available in AACTE Research, Reports, and Briefs

Data Shows Positive Trends in Teacher Preparation

Since 2018, I have documented key trends in educator preparation in a series of reports for AACTE. Members can access these reports at aacte.org/resources/research-reports-and-briefs.

In these reports, I’ve shared a lot of negative information about declining participation in educator preparation during the 2010s.  So, when the U.S. Department released new data on the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years — the height of the COVID pandemic — I held my breath. 

I am so pleased to report that — in two new data updates released at the AACTE Annual Meeting last week — I have good news to share about several key indicators including the following: 

  • Enrollment in IHE-based teacher preparation programs leading to initial licensure 
  • Completions of these teacher preparation programs  
  • Degrees and certificates awarded in the field of education 

All three of these key indicators saw modest gains for the 2020-21 academic year after several years of declines. It is too soon to know whether this is a one-year “blip” or the beginning of a longer rebound. Nonetheless, it is encouraging to see all of these trends heading in a positive direction despite the many disruptions of the pandemic. 

In addition to tracking enrollment and completions, these data updates provide the latest information on education student demographics and on the institutions and programs where they enroll.  The update on teacher preparation programs also includes information on non-IHE alternative preparation programs. 

Anyone at an AACTE member institution can download these updates at aacte.org/resources/research-reports-and-briefs/.   

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Jacqueline E. King, Ph.D.

AACTE Consultant