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Looking Back and Moving Forward: Journey through AACTE’s History

This month, AACTE begins its 76th year by looking back and moving forward. In February 1948, AACTE held its founding meeting in Atlantic City, NJ, and adopted its constitution and bylaws. AACTE invites you to take a journey from then until now, with the “75 Years Leading a Profession” digital timeline.

Over the course of the last three-quarters of a century, the Association experienced “The Start of Something Big” and through the decades, it reshaped teacher preparation, became a driving influence in the field, navigated turbulence and shifts in the landscape, and so much more. These key moments —critical decisions, collaborations, and initiatives — are documented in the timeline with historical photos, notable quotes, significant publications, and important “did you know?” facts.

“From its inception, AACTE has blossomed into a powerful influencer on the national stage, guiding policies that shape the future of education. Today, its leadership holds even more significance, poised to revolutionize education for all learners for the next 75 years. With a redefined organizational identity and purpose, symbolized by its mission to ‘Educate, Advocate, and Innovate,’ AACTE looks ahead with determination to continue fostering transformation, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving field of educator preparation and the educator workforce.”
 – Lynn. M. Gangone, AACTE President and CEO

View the historical timeline.

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