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Cultivating Resiliency in Times of Change: Howard Teibel to Close #AACTE24

Higher education is going through a seismic change — traditional methods are crumbling as the value proposition is increasingly questioned in our public discourse. Student needs are changing, while the ways education and work are delivered are transforming. 

Howard Teibel, president of Teibel Education Consulting, will deliver the closing keynote of the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting on February 18 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. to explore cultivating resiliency as change is at the forefront in educator preparation programs across the nation.

Teibel will pose the questions: What skills enable emotional resiliency that allow us to lead this kind of change effort? How can we best orient faculty, deans, and their colleagues to focus and build this shared commitment?

In this closing session, attendees will learn the skills and sensibilities needed to navigate these challenges, especially as the next generation enters the workforce looking for flexibility and meaning in their work. As we move on from the “great resignation,” people’s desire for greater meaning, and connection and our capacity to create workplaces of choice is more important than ever.

In this closing session, attendees will gain the following insights:

  1. How to initiate difficult conversations and make tough decisions.
  2. How to orchestrate productive moods across your organization.
  3. Ways to bring humble inquiry into your leadership and management.
  4. Explore different strategies that accelerate cultural change.

About Teibel

Education in 2040 will look and feel very different from today. Teibel Education’s mission is to break down the old fiefdoms — the academy versus administration— to work across communities and develop leaders who will step up to create new models for education that serve an emerging generation of students.

Through team building, strategic planning, and their Online Leadership Programs, Teibel partners with boards, administrators, and academics to reimagine the value of a 21st-century education — the transformation of outdated practices and intractable positions to authentic dialogue and a shared commitment to action. You can learn more about their work at Teibel Education.

Teibel’s client roster includes the University of Colorado, California State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the University of New Mexico, Princeton, Rutgers University, the University of Texas, and many others.

Howard’s podcast, Navigating Change, brings together thought leaders to share and explore how their innovations accelerate and positively contribute to new education practices. In addition to writing numerous articles for higher education journals, Teibel consulted on the cluster-based transformation at Plymouth State University and contributed to the book Redesigning Higher Education: Systemic Integration and Cluster Based Learning with President Don Birx.

Howard is a graduate of the University of Binghamton and a long-time student of many modalities of organizational and personal growth, including the speech act theories of Fernando Flores, the pioneering culture work of Edgar Schein, and the transformational programs of the Hoffman Institute. Howard is also a co-founder of the organization Fathers Forever, a group dedicated to creating fellowship and support among men who have experienced the passing of a child.

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