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AACTE Launches Inspiring Brand Refresh at 2024 Annual Meeting

AACTE (American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education) unveiled a transformative brand refresh at its 2024 Annual Meeting in Aurora/Denver, Colo., on Feb. 16. The comprehensive update signifies a new era in educator preparation, and Phase I of AACTE’s rebranding. With a modernized logo and an inspiring tagline, AACTE reinforces its position as the leading voice in educator preparation and its charge to stay at the forefront of progressing the field.

The new logo stands as the centerpiece of AACTE’s brand refresh, a symbol of the organization’s vision for educator preparation and its role in shaping the future of education. Moving from the old logo to this new design, AACTE signifies a journey towards what’s possible — for the Association, for educator preparation, and importantly, for each student and educator in the nation’s—and world’s—classrooms.

The new tagline — “EDUCATE. ADVOCATE. INNOVATE.” — articulates AACTE’s core mission and values. This phrase is a rallying cry for AACTE’s members and the broader education community, emphasizing the association’s role in leading positive change and innovation in educator preparation.

“AACTE’s new logo and brand identity are symbols of the unwavering commitment to the future of educator preparation. AACTE is excited to embrace what’s possible and lead the way, supporting our members and the educators serving the children of our world,” said Lynn M. Gangone, AACTE president and CEO “AACTE will lead the way as we educate, advocate, and innovate — creating a lasting impact on preparing the educator workforce and bringing student learning to new heights.”

To learn more about AACTE and its mission, visit aacte.org.

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