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Kimberly A. White-Smith to Receive National AACTE Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education

AACTE (American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education) today announced Kimberly A. White-Smith, Ed.D., as the 2024 recipient of the AACTE Edward C. Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education. White-Smith is the dean and professor at the School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) at the University of San Diego (USD) and vice president of the California Council on Teacher Education.

The Pomeroy Award recognizes outstanding contributions to educator preparation, either through distinguished service to the educator preparation community or through the development and promotion of outstanding practices in educator preparation at the collegiate, state or national level. The award is named in honor of former AACTE Executive Director Edward C. Pomeroy who served from 1952 to 1980. White-Smith will be presented with the award during AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting Feb. 16–18, 2024, in Aurora/Denver, Colo.

“I am delighted to present Dr. Kimberly A. White-Smith with AACTE’s Edward C. Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education,” said Lynn M. Gangone, AACTE president and CEO. “I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Dr. White-Smith during her tenure on the AACTE Board of Directors and know well her profound leadership and unwavering dedication to championing educator preparation at all levels.”

With over 25 years dedicated to urban schooling and educator development, White-Smith has been a fervent advocate for academic justice, particularly for marginalized communities.

“Through her leadership and scholarship, Dr. White-Smith inspires a new generation of teachers to serve students and approach their work with equity, compassion, and respect,” said Gail F. Baker, Ph.D., provost and senior vice president at USD.

Her work focuses on enhancing learning environments, policies and practices to ensure justice and inclusion. A prolific author, her scholarly work includes publications on diverse topics such as teacher and student learning, equity, leadership and the experiences of Black mother scholars. White-Smith’s professional journey has been marked by her commitment to urban education and her involvement in numerous university-community partnerships aimed at improving access to quality education for underserved students. Her national engagement in teacher education is evident through her roles in various prestigious educational organizations and commissions, demonstrating her deep commitment to shaping the future of education.

“Dr. White-Smith is keenly aware of the importance of both access for students, but also creating culturally responsive and sustaining teacher preparation environments that promote the success of both diverse educator candidates and the diverse faculty doing the work of teacher preparation,” said Betina Hsieh, Ph.D., professor of teacher education at California State University, Long Beach. “Because of Dr. White-Smith’s extensive involvement and networking in AACTE, AILACTE and other national organizations like AERA, her impact and leadership are noted and widely respected throughout the country as she regularly presents and leads state and regionally-focused initiatives and contributes to collaborative work in the field of teacher education.”

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