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Member Spotlight: Nicholas Hartlep Previews #AACTE Featured Session Highlighting Solutions to Diversify Leadership in IHEs

As the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting quickly approaches, Ed Prep Matters will highlight presenters at Featured Sessions. These accomplished experts represent a diverse spectrum of thought leadership in the field of teacher education, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and groundbreaking insights to the forefront. Get ready to be inspired by members in the field, each poised to elevate and shape the future of educator preparation.

Featured Session: From Hiring to Tenure: Solutions to Diversify the Ranks of Higher Education Faculty and Leaders

Despite increased racial and ethnic diversity of U.S. college enrollees and calls for greater DEI, the lack of faculty of color in higher education, particularly colleges and schools of education, continues to persist. Faculty diversity plays an important role in college completion. This session will examine the challenges and opportunities to diversify the ranks of academia and elevate successful initiatives to attract and retain faculty and leaders of color.

In this member spotlight, Nicholas D. Hartlep, Ph.D., of the University of Wisconsin discusses his presentation in this Featured Session and what attendees can look forward to in this engaging conversation.

Hartlep holds the Robert Charles Billings Endowed Chair in Education at Berea College, where he chairs the Education Studies Department. His research includes examinations of the model minority stereotype of Asian Americans, higher education leadership, teaching and transformation in urban educational settings, and the impact of neoliberalism on public P–20 education. He has published 26 books in the field of education over the course of his academic career, two of which were named Outstanding Books by the Society of Professors of Education.

  1. What is the focus of your session for the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting? 
    My presentation at the session will delve into the intricate leadership challenges faced by Asian Americans in Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs). Serving as a Korean Department Chair within an educator preparation program (EPP), I belong to a small number of Asian Americans nationally, who are positional leaders of teacher education programs. During the presentation, I will discuss key insights from a Critical Inquiry Paper commissioned by AACTE, which Rachel Endo and I conducted to explore the representation of Asian American leaders in EPPs.

  2. Why do you think this topic needs to be addressed?  
    It is essential to acknowledge and address the underrepresentation of administrators of color in EPPs without adopting a color-neutral approach or theories that reproduce assimilationist and White-framed views of leadership. The evident scarcity of Asian American leaders in teacher education highlights the timely and crucial nature of discussing leadership diversity. 

  3. What was the process of developing the session topic and material? 
    Over the past year, Dr. Endo and I dedicated our efforts to designing and carrying out original research for our Critical Inquiry Paper, titled “An AsianCrit Exploration of the Experiences of Current and Former Asian American Leaders in Educator Preparation Programs.” As Asian Americans and equity-minded leaders in EPPs, our collaboration has been an organic and seamless process. The synergy we’ve experienced in this project suggests the likelihood of future collaborations beyond the scope of this AACTE initiative.

  4. What thoughts do you hope attendees will take away from your session? 
    I am confident that participants in our session will depart with a wealth of new insights of Asian American leaders and the future of EPP leadership. Beyond simply absorbing information, I urge them to channel their newfound knowledge into tangible actions, actively contributing to the promotion of racial diversity within EPP leadership at their own institutions. Furthermore, I encourage attendees to delve into and spread the insights from the AACTE Commissioned Critical Inquiry Paper, fostering a broader exchange of valuable perspectives.

See the full lineup of sessions and presenters at the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting now available through AACTE’s Online Planner. View session titles, descriptions, and locations as well as information about presenters all at your fingertips through this interactive resource for the Annual Meeting. After creating a new user account, log in to the Online Planner to discover exciting features as you plan your #AACTE24 experience.

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