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Lunch & Learn: Improve Candidate Classroom Observation with ATLAS Tool

We asked AACTE faculty members how ATLAS (Accomplished Teaching, Learning, and Schools,®) a tool developed by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), has helped their pre-service teachers.

“If you are interested in directing your students to see better the actions teachers take to structure learning environments, then I encourage you to give ALTAS a try,” said Cam McComb, Ph.D., associate professor of visual art education at Eastern Michigan University and co-leader of the art teacher certification program.

On December 13, McComb will be featured in AACTE’s upcoming virtual Lunch & Learn, Using ATLAS to Enhance Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of Teaching Structures, to share how faculty use the tool to improve pre-service training. McComb will also be joined by NBPTS staff to answer questions about the tool and subscriptions. 

ATLAS is a video library with over 1,400 coursework and certification-aligned videos from teachers who successfully achieved national board certification. With interactive analysis tools and content covering most subjects and grades, an ATLAS subscription has a variety of benefits to faculty and scholars and has been shown to improve candidates’ assessment-informed planning and instruction skills.

To support our members AACTE has partnered with NBPTS to offer a 20% discount for AACTE members on individual and institutional ATLAS subscriptions. Learn more about pricing and the benefits ATLAS for faculty and candidates.


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