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Western Governors University School of Ed Launches Podcast on Teacher Well-Being

With more than 90,000 working educator alumni in classrooms nationwide, WGU has a deep commitment to K-12 education, and to the future teachers coming through initial licensure programs as well as master’s degree programs for educators. While much has been said in media and news outlets about the increasing needs of students, especially post-COVID-19 pandemic, some education leaders, including those at WGU, are concerned that more attention needs to be given to what teachers need after the last three challenging years. 

Sharing that concern is Utah’s First Lady Abby Cox, who recently shifted the lens of her annual Show Up for Teachers conference to focus on teacher and educator personal and professional wellness with tools and resources throughout the conference breakout sessions and keynotes including guest speaker Arthur Brooks, the Harvard University researcher on happiness. In 2023, the WGU School of Education was honored to become a major sponsor of the conference.

As part of the sponsorship, Utah First Lady Cox committed to join WGU SVP and Executive Dean of the School of Education Stacey Ludwig Johnson as co-hosts on a new podcast series titled Educator Well-Being: From Principles to Practice, to discuss educator wellness and tools for teaching with subject matter experts. The content of each episode is relevant to the challenges currently faced by K-12 teachers throughout the country and is designed to help build resilience and reduce burnout.

The series is facilitated by Marty Carpenter of Northbound Strategy, with content strategy support provided by Mamie L. Pack, WGU’s manager of healthy learning. New subject matter experts join as guests in each episode where they share their strategies and resources to help teachers nationwide. The series will include approximately eight episodes that explore thriving, healthy learning and working environments, community building, self-advocacy, and rural educator wellness as well as other topics relevant to educator well-being.

This podcast is designed as a discussion forum not only for teachers but also for school district leaders and other community members who have a vested interest in the well-being of our nation’s educators. Hosts and guests will share practical advice, tips, and tools to support teachers and help them create healthy working environments. Also included in each episode are reflective questions to help expand educator expertise.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of this podcast co-hosted with me by Utah’s First Lady Abby Cox,” said Ludwig Johnson. “This podcast serves the critical purpose of nurturing and supporting educators by providing a space for discussing the unique challenges teachers face. We will offer practical advice, resources, and practices to help teachers thrive and lead healthier, happier, and more effective professional lives.”

Episodes are available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts or watch via YouTube.

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