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Prioritizing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at AACTE’s Annual Meeting 2024

The fifth strand of AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting, Prioritizing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion includes more than forty sessions and events that demonstrate a commitment to preparing diverse and anti-racist educators, recruitment of educators in critical shortage areas, global perspectives in education, inclusive education, equitable engagement of families, and access to high-quality learning environments for all students. For those attending the conference, you will again be able to use the upcoming online planner to schedule your attendance at DEI sessions and events like the following:

Diversified Teacher Workforce Pre-Conference Hosted by the Diversified Teacher Workforce TAG, this preconference centers on the voices of diverse educators, both practitioners and educator preparation professionals from the academy, and therefore features sessions to meet both groups’ needs.  Thursday, February 15
Federal Investments to Boost Educator Diversity Investments in educator diversity initiatives continue to show measurable success. The plight to diversify the educator workforce requires federally funded programs that support innovative and sustainable solutions. This session will highlight the most recent federal effort, the Augustus F. Hawkins Centers for Excellence Program inaugural grantees, and the innovative projects and partnerships that are underway at minority-serving institutions to develop educators to meet the current and future needs of a diverse K-12 student population.

Friday, February 16

Diversifying the Teaching Profession: Strategies for Success The Public Education Business Coalition (PEBC) is a Colorado-based organization with national reach. PEBC strives to create schools and systems worthy of our children. Forged in Denver in 1983, the PEBC represents a convergence of stakeholders keen to uplift learning opportunities for every student. Today, PEBC catalyzes high-quality instruction with teachers, leaders, and districts nationwide through excellent lines of work in teacher preparation, professional learning, education policy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. This session will focus on local and national strategies to diversify the teaching profession.

Friday, February 16

From Hiring to Tenure: Solutions to Diversify the Ranks of Higher Education Faculty and Leaders Despite increased racial and ethnic diversity of U.S. college enrollees and calls for greater DEI, the lack of faculty of color in higher education, particularly colleges and schools of education continues to persist. Faculty diversity plays an important role in college completion. This session will examine the challenges and opportunities to diversify the ranks of academia and elevate successful initiatives to attract and retain faculty and leaders of color.

Friday, February 16

Developing an Equity-Centered Practice: Teacher-Study Groups in the Pre-Service Context Join the editors of the Journal of Teacher Education (JTE) for a transformative dialogue with the authors of the JTE Article of the Year Award. The JTE Article of the Year reflects exemplary research in educator preparation and cutting-edge scholarship that advances the field.

Saturday, February 17
More than just “Cool with it.” Teacher Education’s potential as a mechanism for liberation and affirming LGBTQIA+ candidates, cooperating teachers, K12 students, and families. In an era when state legislatures, school boards, and communities are enacting laws and policies designed to silence and render invisible LGBTQIA+ identities in the curriculum and in communities, how can teacher education position itself as a mechanism for change and advocacy? This strategy-building session will include an introduction to the issues and possible strategies and solutions for reimagining teacher education as a site of activism and support for some of our communities’ most vulnerable members. With the sharp increase in violence against LGBTQIA+ individuals and a steep increase in the adverse mental health experiences and suicidal ideation within this population, we cannot delay in finding solutions to save our children.

Saturday, February 17


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