Promoting AI Safety in Education

InnovateEDU is reviving the EdSAFE AI Alliance to promote the responsible use of AI in education on a global scale. As a founding steering committee member, AACTE joins the EdSAFE AI Alliance alongside fellow education and learning partners to foster AI policy, collaboration, and best practices for PK-12 education.

Originally convened in 2020 and operative through September 2023,  the newly revived alliance will continue its mission based on its core philosophy, the SAFE Framework:

  • Safety: data privacy and security and a “do no harm” approach;
  • Accountability: clear stakeholder responsibilities;
  • Fairness: bias-free equity and ethics; and
  • Efficacy: demonstrable learning outcomes from the use of AI technology.

The working goals of the EdSAFE AI Alliance’s mission include guiding responsible policy development, crafting initiatives to bring such policy to fruition, publishing white papers, supporting district and state policy labs, and creating special fellowship programs.

More information is available at EdSAFE’s new website.