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Tennessee Tech Offers New Online Ph.D. in Higher Education

This article was originally published by Tennessee Tech University News

The College of Education at Tennessee Tech University is introducing a new doctoral program to its selection of post-graduate degrees. Starting this fall, the online Ph.D. in higher education, with a focus on data science and designed for professionals in the field interested in applying in-depth knowledge and technological resources, will be available. 

“A doctoral degree provides students the opportunity to advance into more professional roles as they gain experience,” stated Lisa Zagumny, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Education. “In today’s data-driven, evidence-based context, the knowledge and skills acquired through this program will contribute to additional growth, success, and position graduates for greater contributions to their institutions,” she added.
Driven by data science, Ph.D. candidates will apply actionable approaches to face challenges confronting higher education. 

“Our graduates will use their data science background to help guide and inform colleges and universities, state higher education agencies, foundations, and related associations,” said Ashley Akenson, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Education.

Graduates have a variety of enhanced university and agency career options including being employed as directors or professionals in academic affairs (deans or provosts), admissions, advancement, athletics, business and finance, compliance, enrollment management, facilities, financial aid, government relations, human resources, institutional research, instructional technology, military and veteran affairs, records and registration, recruitment, research and economic development, or presidents of community colleges and applied technology centers.

For more information about the new online Ph.D. degree at Tech, please visit https://www.tntech.edu/education/higher-education-phd or email hredphd@tntech.edu.